Montgomery Lower Middle School
    Counseling / Guidance Department

     New Student  - Questions & Answers

    Who do I contact about my student before their first day?  How will I know what to do?

    The best person to contact before (or after) your student begins school is their school counselor.  For 5th grade contact Ms. Lesley Haas (lhaas@mtsd.us) and for 6th grade contact Mr. Kevin Armstrong (karmstrong@mtsd.us).


    How will I know what classes my student is going to takeWhen will I see my student’s schedule?

    Almost all students at Montgomery Lower Middle School take the same core academic class (math, social studies, language arts, science.)  Cycle/elective class include: Spanish/communications, physical education, music, and cycle class.  Schedules will be given to your student on their first day of school.


    What is the academic structure of the Lower Middle School?

    Montgomery Lower Middle School works on a team basis.  All students will be placed on a specific academic team.  All students on a particular team will have the same social studies, language arts, math, and science teacher.  Teams are not assigned based on ability.


    How will I know what math class my student will be placed in?

    All incoming 5th grade students will be placed in Math 5.  All 6th grade students will be placed in either Math 6 or Pre-algebra.  In order to be placed in Pre-algebra, students either need to have been enrolled in that course at their previous school or score high enough on the MAP exam.


    Once my student starts school, how will I know about their grades?

    The Montgomery Township Schools have a district-wide account with GENESIS.  GENESIS, also known as "Parent Resources", is an internet based system that allows parents and students to keep track of their grades and assignments.  To receive access, please contact Genesis Support (genesissupport@mtsd.us).  If new students arrive after the 20th day of the marking period they will receive a report card grade of NG (No Grade).


    My student has an IEP (individualized education plan.)  Who do I contact about this?

    If your student has an IEP, please contact their case manager.  For 6th grade contact Mrs. Stacy Kohler (skohler@mtsd.us) and for 5th grade contact Mrs. Rebecca Richards (rrichards@mtsd.us).


    How will I know who my student’s teachers are? How can I contact them?

    All teachers that your student has will be listed on their schedule.  All Montgomery Township School District employees have an e-mail address and a staff webpage.  Please visit the LMS website's "Contact information" and/or "Staff Webpages" for more information on our teachers.


    My student may need some extra help with their academics.  What can I do?

    All teachers have one day a week (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) that they stay after and work with students who need extra help.  Please contact a specific teacher to know when they stay after.  The entire list is also posted on the LMS website.


    How will I know which bus my student will ride to and from school on?

    All bus information should be distributed upon registration.  If any questions remain, please contact our transportation office at 609-466-7601.


    Will my student be taking any placement tests when they enter the district?

    Yes.  Most new students will take the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress.)  If needed this test is administered in the first few weeks they are in school.


    What does my student do for lunch?  How will they pay for it?

    Students will be placed in lunch based on their academic team.  Lunches can either be brought from home or purchased at our school cafeteria.  Click here for lunch menus at all schools and other valuable information about our food services.

     *Please be certain that we have your most updated contact information at all times.  This includes email address, phone numbers and address.


    Important Contacts at Montgomery Lower Middle School

    Principal – Michael Richards

    Assistant-Principal – Georgianna Kichura

    School Nurse – Denise Salvatore

    5th Grade Counselor – Kevin Armstrong

    6th Grade Counselor – Lesley Haas

    Math/Science Curriculum Supervisor – Chris Herte

    Language Arts/Social Studies Curriculum Supervisor – Lisa Romano

    Supervisor of Pupil Services - Stacy Beegle