• What are Star Assessments? 

    Star Assessments are computer based, short assessments that provide teachers with information about each student’s development in the areas of early literacy, math, or reading. Teachers use the information they receive from Star Assessments to personalize instruction and to monitor student growth. Learn more about Star Assessments here.  

    When do students take the Star Assessments? 

    Students take benchmark assessments 3 times a year, spaced apart in the early fall, winter, and spring of each school year. Teachers may elect to retest individual students or whole classes whenever they feel they may need to gather more data.

    How long does it take students to complete the assessment? 

    The tests have a time limit for each question, but not so short that students will feel rushed. Students generally finish within 25 to 30 minutes, although it could take longer for some students. 

    How do I see my child’s Star Scores? 

    The winter benchmark scores are released through Genesis along with 2nd marking period grades in early February. The spring benchmarks are generally released by the end of the school year. It is important to understand that the scores provide only one snapshot of how your child is doing in school. Many factors can affect a student’s score.

    What is in the Star Report? 

    Here is a sample of the Star Reading Report: