Welcome to the Survivor Challenge. Each of you have been selected to compete in a problem-solving challenge of a lifetime. You will soon be taken to the Island of Azul for fifteen days to compete in this event. The Survivor Challenge is composed of several teams, which will be referred to as "tribes." Each tribe will be assigned members and a tribal name. The Master of Tribes will travel with the tribes to facilitate the competition.


    All tribes will begin from the same point on the Island of Azul and will need to navigate their way to Tortuga Cove. This is where the tribes will be picked up and brought back to civilization.


    Throughout your journey, your tribe will need to work together to solve the problems that you encounter while exploring the Island of Azul. These are known as the challenges. Each challenge has been assigned a certain amount of points. The tribe with the most points at the end of the ten days will be the winners of the Survivor Challenge and will be rewarded accordingly by the Master of the Tribes.




    1. You must work together as a team.

    2. All projects must meet the outlined design specifications.

    3. A tribe that wins a challenge will be awarded the tribal idol and the tribal necklaces until the winner of the next challenge is announced. 

    4. Respect the decorations that were provided for this activity.

    5. Your participation as a tribe and clean up as a tribe will count toward your overall tribal score.




    Student grades for this activity will be based on individual assessment.