•   Solar Vehicle Design  
    You have just been hired by the Monty Mobile automotive company as a designer. The owner of Monty Mobile wants to create a new vehicle to put on the market next year. With the rising cost of gasoline, the company is aware of the need to use renewable energy sources instead of gasoline. So, the owner has challenged you to design a vehicle that is completely powered using solar energy. In order to find the best possible design for the company to manufacture, the owner has hired many different designers that will compete with one another for a chance to design Monty Mobile’s newest model of vehicle.


    Each vehicle will be presented to the owner of Monty Mobile on Evaluation Day. The vehicle must fit the design specifications that have been outlined by the owner.


    Design Specifications


    1. The vehicle must be no longer than 8”.
    2. The vehicle must be constructed using only the materials provided or materials that have been approved by the owner.
    3. The vehicle must safely transport at least one passenger.
    4. The vehicle must allow for the passenger to see out of the front of the vehicle.
    5. The vehicle must use solar power as its only energy source.
    6. The vehicle must have straight travel direction for 8 feet.


    Solar Vehicle Kit Materials
    All students will begin with a kit of materials. The kit contains the following items: solar panel, motor, 4 wheels, 4 washers, straw, balsawood plank, and a set of four gears.
    Supply Cart Materials
    The following is a list of additional items that are available for this project: foam board, cardboard, balsawood planks, balsawood sticks, popsicle sticks, mylar, foam, hot glue, pipe cleaners, straws.
    Here are some pictures of vehicles from this year...