International Foods Club

  • Advisor:  Ms. Rudio (
    Meets every Thursday  3:10-4:10 from December to May  
    Google Classroom Code vcaazo5. 
    Mandatory Informational Meeting  Thursday, November 16, 2023.  If you can not attend this meeting please email Mrs Rudio
    The club will be limited to 12 students per week.  There will be several online lessons that are required to join the club.  Students are NOT required to attend each week's meeting. Students and parents should be aware that the club may last longer than 4:10pm if students are still completing cleanup.  
    Humanities Offering:
    International Foods Club is an opportunity for students to explore and understand different food-related themes. Food as it plays its part in diet, folklore,mythology, religion, ethics and philosophy are explored.  

    Students share their knowledge of food and diet while exploring dietary customs of different rituals, cultures, and countries. Students learn how  culture, customs, traditions, and geographical factors influence worldwide food choices, habits, and preparation. To raise students’ awareness of the relationship between food and identity, food and family, food and culture.  Students will gain an understanding of the role food plays in shaping one’s identity. It is intended to promote the concept of global networking and an appreciation for diversity in our student body.

    Food is what links societies together. While students prepare and sample diverse foods, they learn tolerance and consideration for other customs.  Students will compare the inter‐relationship between food habits and the history of a country, religion and custom. This knowledge gives students the opportunity to feel a sense of connection to those who have come before us, as well as to our contemporaries. Students will develop their interests in many different and exciting customs from around the world, but also give them the opportunity to fearlessly try new foods. While exploring new and exciting foods, students learn preparation techniques for typical foods for the countries studied.
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