• The "Read It, Talk It" L.M.S. 2020 - 2021 After School Book Club

    Advisor/Facilitator- Ms. Brenner, Sixth Grade Language Arts teacher
    The "Read It, Talk It Book Club" is our student-driven, teacher-guided after school book club for fifth AND sixth grade students.  We discuss literature, characterization, favorite parts and/or characters, literary devices, authors' messages/purpose, and make many connections to real life and to other texts. 
    ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE IN AS MANY or AS FEW BOOK CLUB MEETINGS AS THEY WOULD LIKE. I encourage all students to read all of our book club "picks" even if they aren't sure they'll like a book or a genre. I hope that students leave our book clubs feeling great about reading and about talking about books and laughing and sharing with other students. No quizzes, no tests, just authentic conversation about reading ... a great life skill to develop, too.
    As you read, post-it or bookmark anywhere you find something that grabs or surprises you (for any reason). Please have your copy of the book available during our Book Club meeting.
    Permission Slips: No need for them as long as we are virtual. 
    Links to meetings: I will post the links  ON THIS SITE just prior to each meeting. 
    2020 - 2021 "Picks" and Links to MEETS
    Wednesday, May 19th: Join us to talk about Wish by Barbara O'Connor.  Can't wait to see our crew plus all new faces!
    Link to May 19th Book Club Meeting: meet.google.com/zpy-uiqx-ysf    See you at 3pm!!
    Wednesday, April 14th: Join us to talk about Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs. Can't wait to see everyone again and to talk and to laugh. Until then, remember to notice what is "magical". :) Of course, we welcome any and all newcomers to our book club!! See you soon...
    Link to MEET on 4-14:meet.google.com/onh-bmco-txc

    Hello! We just ended a totally fun and engaging and thoughtful Book Club meeting!! We're sorry that you missed us but there will be other opportunities to join our After School Book Club! Our next meeting will be on:WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10th: We'll talk about Katherine Applegate's novel, Crenshaw.   I can't wait to see my "crew" again and to meet more of you!!


    Link to MEET on 3-10:https:/https://meet.google.com/wew-pbcn-houmeet.google.com/wew-pbcn-hou

     Come on to our Book Club. I'm so sorry - internet was not cooperating! 


    Good morning! It's Wednesday and our next meeting is this afternoon. Yea!! Check back shortly before 2:55pm for the link!


    Join us on Wednesday, February 17th! We'll talk about RESTART by Gordon Korman. Again, a fun and thoughtful meeting last month! What a wonderful group of readers and thinkers we have! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you AND new members in February! Happy reading!

    LINK to 2-17 MEET:


    Wednesday, January 20th - We'll talk about Holes by Louis Sachar. Our December meeting was so much fun!! Can't wait to have the "crew" back and meet new book club-ers as well!! I hope that you enjoyed your breaks and did lots of relaxing and reading. I've added a week to our next meeting date to give everyone time to read. See you then!

    Link to Jan. 20th MEET: 



    12-8: Hello, Everyone! It's the day before our next book club meeting and I can't wait to see you!

    Wednesday, December 9th: The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle by Leslie Connor

    Link to meet will be posted just prior to the meeting.


    Link to MEET: 


    Check out the Goodreads 2020 Award Winners (Middle Grades/Children's Book). We can choose one for our next meeting so take a look! 


    We have just two days before our 1st Book Club meeting! Look for the link NEXT TO THE DATE on Wednesday, 11-11, which I will post about an hour prior to our meeting. Have your books by your side, if possible. We'll also talk about the author so if you know anything about Rick Riordan ("Rior" rhymes with "fire), please share!  I will also post links to videos and articles after our meeting that you can return to as often as you like. :)
    Wednesday, November 11: Our 1st Book Club Meeting of the school year. I can't wait to meet all you book-lovers as we meet to discuss an all-time favorite, Rick Riordan's The Lightning Thief. If you read it awhile ago, I suggest that you reread it before our meeting so that it's fresh in your mind.
    To help prepare for conversation, place post-its or, if you're reading online, bookmark scenes that you want to talk about just because you loved them or found them funny - or both! See you on November 11th at 3pm! Link to meet:Book Club - The Lightning Thief
    Link to videos (including author interviews, a movie trailer, and information about the musical): https://docs.google.com/document/d/10ftFdhdare1YjZ-bzufHNhHJreS0US9IjfRuxChlAJk/edit?usp=sharing
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