• Welcome to Senior English Honors!


       We have an exciting year planned, so get ready for a great ride!  Just as the saying goes ‘Life is what you make of it,’ so goes the attitude for our lessons.  This is as very student-driven classroom, so our class will be what you make of it. Therefore, join me in bringing your enthusiasm, positive attitude and love for reading, writing and discussion to our classroom! 

    While grades, assignments and homework will be posted on Genesis, Google Classroom will be our primary and most important tool for communicating and accessing the SPEs, lesson plans, assignments, homework, and announcements for our class. You will receive your access code in class.


    My Extra Help day is Wednesday in B1103.  I can be contacted at smatthews@mtsd.k12.nj.us



    Common Etiquette:

    In the English Department we strive to have mutual respect in the classroom.  For this reason please adhere to the following:



    When a student is greeted with a statement of“Good Morning,” it is considered polite to return the reply or acknowledge the statement.



    Student’s Responsibilities

    Check grades on a regular basis on the grading program on Genesis.  Allow teachers ample time to grade assignments and post grades.


    It is the student’s (especially in 12 honors) responsibility to address the teachers with all concerns.  It is imperative that students communicate with their teachers first about all student concerns. Please make an appointment with the teacher in person.



    Appropriate methods to speak with a teacher

    There is a right time and place to speak with a teacher with regards to specific grading and/or assignment concern.  Please follow the methods below:

    First, approach the teacher before or after class asking when it would be a good time to meet.  Best times to meet with teachers are during their scheduled after school hours and/or before or after school based on the teacher’s schedule. 



    Appropriate way to write an e-mail


    1.    Make sure that thee-mail address from which you are sending your e-mail is appropriate for school. 

    2.    In the subject of your e-mail state all of the following: Your FULL name, class period, name of class, and the reason for the e-mail        

    3.    In the text of your e-mail include the following: a greeting (example: Dear Mr. Ms. _____), incomplete sentences the reason why you are e-mailing, a courtesy “Thank you” for their future assistance and a closing (example- Sincerely, your FULL name).

    4.      All attachments to e-mail should also be copied and pasted into the text of the e-mail at the end of your message.  By putting the text of an attachment into the e-mail it ensures that the instructors will still be able to view your work even if the attachment will not open.