• JumpStart: A Future 

    The purpose of this organization is to shed light to the public on the difficulties unprivileged high school students face and raise money, awareness and donations of things such as clothing and school materials for them. Doing the things aforementioned will help ensure that no student will be left behind and that disadvantaged students will have close to the same privileges that other, more fortunate students have.

    Every year JumpStart raises money and is able to offer scholarships to underprivileged students who want to pursue education. Members virtually until further notice.

    JS meetings are every Thursdays at 2:35 pm in Room B1123

    link will be posted on Jumpstart Google classroom : class code 3jjhkwm



    Advisor: Mrs. Bogen - nbogen@mtsd.us

    JS Dance Expo is scheduled to be in person this year: 

         Friday february 11 at 7pm in MHS!


    President: Gregory Bleickardt (2022)
    Vice President: Rikah Sahay (2023)
    Treasurer: Riya Shah (2023)
    Board Member:  Noah Krutyansky (2022)
    Historian: Austin Dumas (2023)
    Board Member: Amy Mao (2023)
    Secretary: Teju Kannan(2023)

    Visit our Google Site: https://sites.google.com/site/montyjumpstart/

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