• JumpStart: A Futur

    JS meetings every Thursdays on Zoom  at 2:40 pm

    (link will be posted on Jumpstart

    Google classroom)

    Advisor: Mrs. Bogen


    JS dance expo: date to come in 2021 time: @7pm

     MHS M.P.A.C.



    President: Connor Li (2021)

    Vice President: Alison Walsh (2021)

    Treasurer: Andy Hayes (2021)

    Board Member:  Gregory Bleickhardt (2022)

    Historian: Lauren Chung (2021)

    Board Member: Nikia Fenix (2022)

    Secretary: Rikah Sahay (2023)

    Board Member: Maddie Schmelzer (2021)




    JSE14 first place solo

     JSE 2014