Calligraphy Club

  • Advisor: Ms. Kotok

    Google Classroom:  (CODE: krjdqyt)

    The MHS Calligraphy Club has a mission to promote the art of calligraphy/script writing, and work to perfect our craft in an after-school club.  Activities include working on various projects and stationary commissions, training students who wish to learn or improve their handwriting skills (especially in preparing for in-class exams and written work), and creating new and innovative methods of writing with ink and fountain pens.  Some of our annual projects include creating the place cards for Senior Prom and organizing holiday fundraisers to help the World Literacy Foundation promote literacy in underprivileged societies.  We will meet twice a month on Google Meet after school to work on our projects and brainstorm new ways to encourage the use of the art of calligraphy in our school.