International Club

  • Advisor: Mrs. Asral
    The primary goal of the International Club is to spread cultural awareness in the school and community. Over the years, the club has hosted a variety of events ranging from auctions and cultural celebrations to dances and performances. Activities have always included the annual International Night, showcasing the multi-cultural talents of our students, which attracts many members of the community. The proceeds from these events are used to award student scholarships for international travel through an application process.
    International Club has sparked student interest in foreign traditions and has helped students embrace their different heritages. International Club will meet virtually until further notice.. Students are expected to be active and contribute to the planning and preparations for the activities.
    2021-22 Officers


    President: Sammi Li                                                                                          

    Vice President: Yarik Poznyak                                                                

    Secretary: Steffina Jerald Kannan                                                          

    Treasurer: Meera Bhatt                                                                                      

    Public Relations: Santiago Castro Lopez




Last Modified on June 23, 2021