Debate Club

  • Advisor: Mr. Washburn
    Are you interested in discussing current events? Do you enjoy debating? Would you be like to learn how to research and apply foreign and domestic policy? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then this is the group for you! We meet once a week to discuss a current topic and practice debating. “You Choose!” is an exciting simulation of each election in which students participate in campaigns that culminate in a school assembly and mock election. From September to January, Model United Nations simulates the inner workings of the United Nations and diplomatic relations between member countries. Students debate, negotiate, and produce resolutions to solve international crises.
    Debate Club takes the form of the Model United Nations from September to January and Youth and Government from January to April.  All meetings take place in the lecture hall(s) within the Montgomery Performing Arts Center.  Model United Nations allows students to simulate countries and debate world issues in committees of various sizes.  Youth and Government addresses issues on the state level, the Garden State of course!