Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Claire Scarpa

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Senior Health Teacher

This course is designed to enhance a student’s understanding of relationships and basic concepts related to human sexuality. Class discussion and group projects related to current topics such as communication, gender identity, relationships, dating violence, disease prevention, contraception, pregnancy, suicide prevention skills and coping with loss are an integral part of the class. Students will be expected to analyze and develop skills to make healthy decisions as teenagers while preparing to transition into adulthood.

Freshman Health Teacher

The Freshman Health curriculum will educate students about substance awareness, coming of age, and wellness/mental health. In the substance abuse unit the effects that drugs and alcohol can have on a person's life as well as ways to get help will be taught. Throughout the coming of age unit, students will learn about the changes that take place in their bodies during puberty and adolescence, acceptance of various types of gender identity and sexual orientation, they will review the reproductive systems, learn the difference between viral and bacterial sexually transmitted infections, and abstinence/condoms as forms of birth control that prevent sexually transmitted infections. The final unit addresses sexting and what to do if a student should receive a sexual text message, cyber bullying and the effects it can have on someone's life, mental health issues and ways to improve/maintain mental health, which will lead into suicide prevention skills: ways to get help if they feel as though suicide is their only option, warning signs in a friend, and how to cope if someone they know attempts or commits suicide.

Peer Leader Teacher

The Peer Leader program begins with an extensive application and interview process for students entering their junior or senior year. Once accepted into the program, students learn how to and then proceed to give outreaches to the freshmen in their PE classes. These outreaches take place every 2 weeks. Peer Leaders also give outreaches at LMS and UMS. New this year-the MHS Peer Leaders will be mentoring the LMS Peer Leaders as they begin their journey into creating a corresponding program at their grade level.  This class teaches students public speaking skills, leadership skills, how to be a good role model, and how to create a school enviroment where respect, resiliency, honesty and responsibility to others is fostered and encouraged.


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