Stage Crew/Set Design

  • Advisor: Mr. Kauzmann

    The Stage Crew is responsible for designing, constructing, and painting the sets for two plays per year: the Fall Play and the Spring Musical. Students begin to prepare for the Fall Play during October when they meet virtually two or three days per week. In November, the students are required to meet five days per week.
    In preparation for the Spring Musical, the students meet three to four days per week in December and January. In February, the students meet five days a week. During the last two weeks prior to the play, students practice moving sets and props onto and off of the stage during the play.
    Students interested in this club need to have a commitment to attendance throughout the duration of the play, and it is recommended but not required to be mechanically or artistically inclined. Students can work on one or both of the plays.
Last Modified on November 2, 2022