Academic League

  • Advisor: Mr. Rama Bulusu
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    Attention seniors, sophomores and juniors; are you interested in testing your trivia knowledge? Come and join the Academic League! This league is hosted by the Somerset County Academic League. Every Thursday, ten high schools meet for a competition at one of the host schools. Competitions are similar to Jeopardy, where students are asked to answer questions in multiple subject areas. Students are asked to answer questions in twenty-five disciplines such as geography, math, science, mythology, English literature, songs, movies, sports, arts, and entertainment. Students are also expected to meet one week for practice starting early October.
    Meeting room  E 2311 Science wing. The Practice will be held on Wednesday after school.
    Additional information is posted on google classroom. All the members will receive the code at the  the meeting.

    MHS is represented by two  teams in the Somerset County league matches. 
    Junior Varsity(J.V.) & Varsity. 
    The academic league infomation is constantly updated on google classroom.  Please send an email to receive the code for the members. 
    The teams go to a host school where students participate in a quiz format similar to the Jeopardy game. Each team plays against the other team in the league and the team with maximum wins will decide the first and second place. Usually the games are played for 60 minutes. There are total of 10 teams in the league. The students and teams are then ranked against every other student and team in the state.  Questions range from wide topics like General knowledge, American History, Easy math, Tough Math, American literature, sports, current events, Geogarphy, Arts and entertainment, Fictional Characters, Foreign culture, life sciences, Visual, These united states , physics, chemistry, medicine/health, Mythology/religion, Historical figures, Government & law,  Grammer, Where in the world, And Fine arts.