Welcome to the
    MHS Social Studies Department 

    In order to effectively support Montgomery’s Portrait of Graduate…

    The members of the MHS Social Studies Department are committed to:

    • Building strong relationships beyond the classroom with the students of MHS
    • Growing professionally in order to meet the needs of all learners
    • Designing engaging learning experiences
    • Demonstrating a dedicated work ethic
    • Constantly and consistently improving the craft of teaching
    • Holding all students to a high academic standard
    • Remaining current on domestic and global issues
    • Encouraging independent thought and civil discourse
    • Preparing students to become civic-minded, engaged citizens
    • Adjusting and revising curricula as needed to keep up with an ever-changing world

     The Department’s mission for the Social Studies program is to:

    • Connect the history of the past with the events of today
    • Offer a broad range of elective courses
    • Teach in such a way that students value the importance of the content
    • Provide students with the opportunities to develop and practice new skills
    • Infuse social-emotional learning
    • Improve literacy through discussion-based learning
    • Focus on the big ideas and themes of history
    • Develop critical thinking, analytical, research, and writing skills
    • Foster an appreciation of the past and also for a wide perspective of viewpoints
    • Develop effective collaboration skills
    • Enable students to apply the principles of democracy to their lives
    MHS Social Studies teachers utilize the
    Google Classroom & Parent Resources
    to post grades and upcoming assignments. 


    Melissa A. Hodgson, Supervisor


    Ext. 6268






Last Modified on June 25, 2019