• Anna Panova-Cicchino

    Contact Information: apanova@mtsd.us

    (609) 466-7601 ext. 

    2023 - 2024 Schedule

    This year I am teaching Algebra 1 CP and Geometry CP.

    Algebra I is the first course in the college preparatory program in mathematics. Emphasis is placed upon the development and understanding of the real number system and the basic structure of Algebra. Also, the course helps students develop an appreciation for logical problem-solving and deductive reasoning as well as precision in the communication of mathematical ideas and its context to real world. A scientific calculator is required. 

    Geometry combines the essential elements of plane geometry and the basics of solid geometry. Strong emphasis is placed on deductive reasoning and writing original proofs. In addition, the student is given the opportunity to develop powers of spatial visualization, strengthen basic algebraic skills, and learn to use precise and clear mathematical language. A strong background in Algebra I is required from the beginning of the course. A scientific calculator is required.

    Needed Supplies: 

    • Scientific Calculator (TI-30X IIS scientific calculator is a good choice)
    • Binder is the best option to keep things organize in both classes. 


    Block Course Block Course




    Algebra 1 in B2234


    Algebra 1 in B2234


    Geometry in B2234 


    Algebra 1 in B2234  




    Study Hall Duty 


    Geometry in B2234


    Extra Help is on Wednesdays in B2234.

    Homework is posted on Genesis and Google Classroom.



    Algebra 1 piece-wise functions projects: 

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