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    I am currently using Google Classroom.  Every student has access to their class.  Evey class will have their own classroom.  I am on the fence about also setting up larger classrooms for communication and collaboration between classes.  I might post some duplicate materials on this page, but that is unlikely.  You will have to sign in with your student google account/email to join and use the classroom.
    Extra Help Day =Thursday (unless otherwise noted).  This Is subject to change, but I will give advanced warning if I need to change it.

    My daily schedule for Mr. Pendleton                                      All classes are in E2304





    Block 1


    CP Biology



    Honors Biology

    Block 2

    8:53- 10:17

    Prep 8:53-9:35

    Lunch 9:35- 10:17



    Honors Biology

    Unit Lunch


    M,T,Th, Fri


    Gym Hallway

    Meetings in E2304 or other biology room

    Block 3


    CP Biology



    Study hall (commons)

    Block 4

    12:43- 2:07

    CP Biology



    Handout pages: are hidden to the general public. In order to see and download my powerpoints, and other documents, you must sign in to the school Website. This is to help protect (c) material such as images from our textbooks.   Network passwords were re-set for the year, so you need to sign in to a school computer/network before you can sign in to the website.  
    http://phet.colorado.edu/ PhET interactive simulations, by the University of Colorado at Boulder.   Full of great Chemistry (Biochemistry) concepts.
    http://www.biology.arizona.edu/biochemistry/biochemistry.html The Biology Project:    There are several problem sets and tutorials that I will suggest you do throughout the year.  Some topics will get several, other topics will have none.
    http://bcs.whfreeman.com/thelifewire9e/default.asp#t_542578 This is a textbook website for the textbook "Life" which is a good college introductory level book.  The “animated tutorials” with quizzes, and “activities” areworth looking at.
    From this page check out the "Biology for AP*" section.  Everything I have looked at is good.  There may be some details that are beyond what we have covered in any of the above websites. http://www.stolaf.edu/people/giannini/biological%20anamations.html There are several great resources for reviewing the material. The links below take you to 2 of them. The 1st is designed for "AP" Biology, and it may include some details that we have not covered, and you do not need to know, but the fundamentals and explanations are at a good level for this class. You can search for topics in several ways including by textbook pages. A new version of your textbook is listed, but the order of topics is the same. Or go to Browse TOPICS: Presentations, NROC Collection, Biology for AP* http://biology.hippocampus.org/ http://www.studiodaily.com/2006/07/cellular-visions-the-inner-life-of-a-cell/ Old Honors Textbook Website This has the same extra materials as the CDROM that came with the textbook. It does not include the actual text, but there are still some good resources here.  the Chapter 10 resources are good.