Honors Chemistry


    The SUMMER ASSIGNMENT for 2024-25 school year will be posted by JULY 1 on the Science Department page

    Instructor: Mrs. Heebner
    Classroom: E2307
    Office:  E217
    email:  jheebner@mtsd.us (this is the best way to contact me) 



    To ensure that this will be a safe environment conducive to learning, there are a few ground rules.  Foremost is RESPECT.

    It is expected that students will follow all rules and regulations listed in the Student Handbook (found on High School Homepage) and Code of Conduct.  This includes cell phone use, attendance, academic integrity, use of chatGPT and the computer acceptance policy.  


    Homework: Homework will be posted in Google Classroom. 

    Department BYOD Expectation- students are expected to have their device in class everyday.

    Attendance:   Refer to the student handbook for school policy regarding absences and the timeline for making up missed work.  

    Grades:  Grading is based on the total points for each semester.  There are no re-assessments in this class.


    Class of 2025: Please see my note under Recommendation Letters

Last Modified on June 13, 2024