• Welcome to CP and Honors Chemistry ! 

    Chemistry is the interaction between Matter and Energy.
    Mrs. Heebner
    Classroom: E2307
    Office:  E217
    email:  jheebner@mtsd.us (this is the best way to contact me) 
    After school help day:  TUESDAY (unless otherwise noted in class)
    Secrets to success... Many people think chemistry is hard.  You can be successful in chemistry if you:
    • Check your school email and Google classroom daily for announcements and assignments.
    • Participate in class discussions.
    • Do your homework! Class discussions are based on homework.
    • Do some chemistry every day, even when there is no formal homework assigned. Review your notes, update and revise diagrams.  REFLECT!
    • Ask questions.  I can't help you if you do not let me know you need help. 
    • Come for extra help after school when needed. 
    • Work with another student.  This does not mean copying, but it does mean sharing thoughts and working through problems together.   Study groups can be very helpful. 
    • Believe in yourself!  You can do this! 
    Login information and passwords for access to Google classroom are done through the student.  Any parent who would like to access may only do so through their student's account. 
Last Modified on December 31, 2022