Environmental Club

  • Advisor:  Mr. Runion

    Our mission is to raise environmental awareness in the community, improve sustainability at the high school, participate in local conservation projects, and enjoy the outdoors (hiking, gardening, etc.).  Each May we compete in a statewide environmental science competition. 

    Environmental Club Google Meet link and code jkx2aov: https://meet.google.com/lookup/de23slhj3


    • Raise environmental awareness in the community
    • Improve sustainability at the high school
    • Participate in local conservation projects
    • Learn about the natural world and human impact
    • Enjoy the outdoors (hiking, gardening, etc.)


    Tuesdays @ 2:15 in room E2305

    Club Website

    If interested in joining or just attending a meeting or event, please reach out to Mr. Runion. He can provide you with the club's google classroom code.