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    AP Environmental Science (APES) google class code - 2odbcw6
    This class is about empowering students to take action in the present to prepare for a sustainable future. It facilitates the construction and deployment of cognitive models from the traditions of science as well as the humanities. These models help simplify the thinking around complex environmental phenomena. That includes preparing students to face the existential crisis that comes with uncovering the truth about the current reality of our planet.  Crucially, these phenomena and models only serve as vehicles for students to develop and practice the skills and tools required to transition to a sustainable future. This is not a static course, but a resource for aiding students in achieving these critical goals. Success in this class requires reflective participation by both the teacher and the student. It necessitates making mistakes, learning, listening, and adapting to an ever-changing learning environment.
    College Prep Environmental Science (CPES) google classroom code - 6lknjyx