MHS Chess Club

  • Advisor: Mr. Buszka

    Google Classroom Code: N2HIVOS

    Bobby Fisher, the American Chess champion, once said, “Chess is life.”

    The game of chess is loved all over the world. Chess is an intellectual challenge that is great for your health and mind. It has been proven that playing chess improves memory, elevates creativity, leads to better planning, and develops the ability to see from others’ perspectives. Want to join the Montgomery Chess club? Simply drop by E2314 and speak to Mr. Buszka. We meet in room E2314 on Tuesday. We are planning 2021 activities right now (including fielding the Montgomery HS chess team at local tournaments). No prior experience is required. We are composed of players of varying skill levels, from brand new players to USCF-rated players. Even without experience, it is a great place to socialize and learn!