MHS Literary Magazine

  • Advisor: Mr. Dai Nguyen
    Advisor's Ally: Mx. Dianna Muzaurieta
    Everyone is welcome!
    MHS Literary Magazine 
    What is the magazine? 
    The annual magazine is a student-run publication with a goal of encompassing all aspects and personalities of our student body through various forms of prose, poetry, art, and music. We can’t do this without you! Please submit your creative works!
    We're looking for quality written pieces, including poetry, songs, short stories, personal narrative (memoirs), & flash fiction. We also want a variety of artwork, such as photographs, drawings, sketches, paintings, photos of sculpture, and musical compositions.
    Should I submit?
    Yes, please! We need your work! This year, our goal is to involve as many MHS students as we can and to publish works in different languages. 
    • Everyone is welcome to submit - you don't have to be a member. 
    • Submissions will be collected electronically from December-February. Details will be posted then.
    • We strongly recommend that you attend at least one workshop session to get feedback on your submission; then, you can revise and improve it before you submit. 
    What does the club do?  
    Our club meets all year to share ideas, write, workshop, and then publish an annual magazine.  
    • AUTUMN: Writing activities and workshops
      • We gather to create, discuss, and share feedback on our original works with other writers and artists.
        • Please, no assignments like analytical essays or research reports.
      • All students are welcome to attend, even if it's just once in a while.
      • Weekly meetings, September - December
    • WINTER: Choosing submissions & writing workshops
      • All students are welcome to attend workshops - especially if they are sharing work they plan to submit!
      • Club members work together to decide which pieces belong in the magazine.
      • Weekly meetings, December - February
    • SPRING: Publishing the magazine
      • The club's staff work together to group pieces, lay-out pages, identify the theme, and design the magazine's overall look.
      • The staff includes directors (previously called "editors") and club members.  
      • Weekly meetings (occasionally more often), March-May
    How do I become a member?

    Membership info: Everyone is welcome to attend meetings, even if it's only once in a while.

    • If you attend regularly, you will earn the title of Member.
    • Members who attend and participate in club tasks throughout the year will earn the title of Staff memberStaff member names will be listed in the magazine.
      • A staff member may apply for a Director position after one full active year.
    • A club Director takes on and fulfills the tasks associated with various leadership roles. Director names will be listed in the magazine, and include:
      • Director of Infrastructure - maintains records; assigns & oversees task completion by other directors
      • Director of Communications - advertising, announcements, & email
      • Director of Writing & Workshops - oversees, plans, & leads autumn meetings
      • Director of Submissions - organizes & supervises submission acceptance process
      • Director of Publication - assigns, synthesizes, & oversees lay-out and design
    For questions and general inquiries, please email
    our new advisor,
    Dai Nguyen at
    or our advisor's ally, 
    Dianna Muzaurieta at
Last Modified on June 25, 2023