• AP U.S. Government and Politics Summer Reading Assignment:

    Please read Federalist Papers 1, 5, 9, 10, 23, 48, 51, 67, 78, and 84.  Then select five additional Federalist Papers to read closely. Your selections can be determined by which of the three authors you particularly enjoy, the pursuit of a particular topic, or any other method that you find to be suitable. Students will write an essay in response to an AP Free Response Question about one of the ten specified Federalist Papers toward the beginning of the academic year. While there are many places to access the Federalist Papers, this website effectively organizes the essays by topic: The Federalist Papers.

    Course assignments are available for students on Google Classroom. Grades are entered on Genesis. 

    Extra help is available at jwashburn@mtsd.us anytime.

    As the son of an Irish member (think of our school colors) of the British Parliament, General Richard Montgomery served as a captain in the British Army in the Seven Years' War, then became the second-ranking brigadier general in the Continental Army, led troops into Canada, captured two forts, as well as the city of Montreal, before he lost his life in the attack on Quebec in a fierce snowstorm on December 31, 1775. Let's remember the sacrifices of our school namesake as we consider our collective history and future. (John Trumbull painted this inspiring image in 1786).