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    Go Cougars!
    The PawPrint is published five times per year (A1138 The PawPrint Room). Announcements are made periodically throughout the school year for upcoming planning meetings. We have an on-line version of the paper as well. Please check it out!
    If you would like to write for The PawPrint, please attend our planning meetings.  If you cannot make a meeting, email our editors with your ideas for a writing assignment. Thanks!!!

            Writing Guidelines for PawPrint Articles      

    1.       Make sure to include your name, grade and email at the top of the page. We must have your email address in case we need to contact you!

    2.       Please write some sort of headline so we know what the story is about. (We may rewrite your headline.)

    3.       Stories should be submitted in 12 pt. GARAMOND, double spaced. Include a word count at the end of the story.

    4.       Indent all paragraphs 5 spaces – NOT one tab.

    5.       Please try to keep your paragraphs very short. If you look at a PawPrint issue, you will notice that when type is put into columns, it can make for some very long paragraphs!

    6.       Photos should be sent as  separate PNG or JPG files.

    7.       PROOFREAD your writing for spelling, grammar,  punctuation, etc.

    8.       EMAIL your article to

    9.       IMPORTANT: ALL articles must be handed in by the deadline. If you are struggling to meet your deadline, be sure to contact the PawPrint editors at (Failing to meet a  deadline – and not notifiying PawPrint staff -- will result in your not being assigned future work.)

    Writing tips:

    ·      A strong LEAD is important!!!!! Start off your article with a strong, attention-getting lead sentence/paragraph.

    ·     Your article should always be written in INVERTED PYRAMID style. In other words,  the order of most important to least important info. This is important because if your article is too long, the editor will look to cut from the bottom up.