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     A Days
    Block 1: 2nd half study hall in Commons
    Block 2: World Studies-B2216
    Block 3: World Studies-B2216 
    Block 4: PREP
     B Days
    Block 1: World Studies-B2216 
    Block 2: World Studies B2216
    Block 3: World Studies B2216
    Block 4:PREP
    Course Overview-World Studies:
    The World Studies CP/Honors is a full year course designed to connect events starting in the Renaissance and culminates with modern global events. The goal of the course is to provide a general understanding of major global occurrences and issues and to allow students to better understand the world that they live in. World Studies CP/Honors is also designed to provide students with not just a broad idea of world history, but to allow them to explore as much of it as possible on their own. Additionally, the course emphasizes research-based learning, a sense of world geography, and the building of writing skills that includes thesis-based arguments and utilizing historical support in the argument. The World Studies curriculum adheres to the State of New Jersey Department of Education Student Learning Standards. Successful completion of the course is required to graduate.
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