MHS Mock Trial Club

  • Advisor: Mr. Stemmler
    Do you want to learn about the court system?  Join the Mock Trial club!  In this club, the students participate in a county wide tournament in a mock court room setting.  If you are interested in Mock Trial, but don't want to try out to become a witness/want to join later in the year, then you can join as a jury member.  Students play lawyers and witnesses in civil or criminal cases and try to solve mock cases.  The Tournament takes place at the end of June in the Somerset County Courthouse.  To join, students must try out for roles during late October and early November.  This is a great resume builder for anyone who wishes to learn about the current legal system or pursue a career in law.
    For all those students interested in Mock Trial, please email Mr. Stemmler.  He will provide you with access to the club's Google Classroom Page.   Have a great school year!!!