• If I've agreed to write your letter of recommendation, please follow these instructions:
    1. I need at least THREE WEEKS to write your letter, so please plan accordingly.  Please provide me with a list of each school to which you are applying, indicate the recommendation format (Naviance or mailed letter), and the due date. Submit all applications, scholarship forms, post cards etc. with your part filled out AND signed. Please address and STAMP all envelopes (if required) using my name and Montgomery High School as the return address. (I love self sticking envelopes!) Please keep all materials for each college together by using a paper clip or separate envelopes. Place all materials inside a manila clasped envelope. If the college accepts Naviance, I do not need an envelope. Your letter will be submitted electronically. However, I still need the information I have requested.
    2. Please respond to the following questions in order to help me write you a fabulous letter! Type your responses and submit with your application packet.
     -  What personal and academic characteristics would you like me to emphasize?
     -  What career are you interested in pursuing?
     -  Please reflect on your performance in my class. What projects, activities, etc. promoted your growth (socially, academically, emotionally)? What did you find enjoyable or challenging? How did you overcome the challenges? What assignment are you most proud of? Please comment on your behavior/demeanor during class. 
     -  Is there anything you participate in outside of the classroom that you would like me to mention?
     -  Please provide your email address so I can contact you if I have any questions!
    3.  DO NOT HAND ME THIS PACKET IN BETWEEN CLASSES!!!!  See me during my after school help on Thursdays in room B1109 to discuss the information you are giving me. This time will provide me an opportunity to get clarification if needed.
    4. Don't be afraid to remind me of due dates...please be respectful with your gentle reminders!
Last Modified on June 12, 2014