• 1984 and THE MATRIX 2010
    Here are some helpful pages.  Take a look!  Some you will want to print; others you will want to keep on the computer to use the links.
    2010 How To Do This Project Right  -- NEW AND IMPROVED!  This page gives you directions on how to complete each part of this project properly.  Print it.  Discuss it with your group.  No kidding!
    THE MATRIX 2010 -- You have a copy of this, but you can link to the websites here.  UPDATED on 6/2 with an awesome new website!
    2010 May-June Calendar -- You know the due dates, but here is a calendar version.
    Common Propaganda Techniques & Definitions -- Make sure you use a wide range of these techniques as you compile your own book.  This information is available at www.propagandacritic.com, too.
    Government Control -- This hand-out provides notes on our discussion of the Dangers and Prevention of Governmental Abuse of Power. It also has the chart that explains the Techniques and Purposes used by the 1984 government and links them to possible current events.
    How the Government Stays in Power -- PRINT THIS!  This hand-out lays out all the main methods of control, groups them and identifies the subtopics you need to prove.  Your research has to be coordinated with other groups covering similar topics; this hand-out tells you what everyone is doing.
    Need help with citations Learn how to do this properly by using Purdue University's incredibly helpful - and properly updated - Owl site.  You can click here
    or you can google "purdue owl" and click on the "2009 MLA Format" page at the Purdue University website.
    Looking for more articles from reliable news sources?  Use the databases the school pays for!  From the school's homepage, go to the media center's list of databases.  I especially recomment EBSCO - it collects thousands upon thousands of articles.  You'll need to put in "montyhs" and the "cougar" password, and then ask for MHS databases.  Next, choose which databases you want to search; I recommend Masterfile, Newspaper source, and Eric.  When the search window comes up, be sure to click the "FULL TEXT" box so you only get full articles (and not just citations). 
    More materials will probably be added later.
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