W  E  L  C  O  M  E        T  O   
    M H S   C H O R A L I E R S ! 




    ABOUT US... MHS Choraliers is our school's year-long, all-girl vocal group that meets as an extra-curricular ensemble.  Members of Choraliers have the opportunity to perform a large variety of specially-written and arranged music for 3, 4 and more voices - a healthy mixture ranging from traditional to current. Rehearsals culminate in concert performances throughout the year.

    WHO CAN JOIN?... Any girl in MHS can join in September of each year.  No prior choral experience is necessary - just an interest in performing as a team member. 

    HOW DO I PLACE IN THE ENSEMBLE?...  Choraliers does not require an audition.  Once you join, a simple, quick placement to determine what part to sing is done – simply come in with an open mind.  Most students choose their voice part based on comfort.  
    WHEN DO REHEARSALS HAPPEN?...  Rehearsals are on Tuesdays, from 5:00 – 6:30 in the MHS Vocal Room (A-1134).  The benefit of the extra-curricular vocal groups at MHS is that the time commitment doesn’t force you to choose between this and other clubs, sports, and other activities.  Choraliers is accommodating of special circumstances.
    WHY ARE REHEARSAL FROM 5:00- 6:30?... Historically, this has been a good time to rehearse because we practice after most other club meetings and sports practices.  It’s a great way to squeeze in a singing experience while not missing other activities.  And if you aren’t in the curricular choral program, it’s a good introduction to the choral experience!  If you are, this is a chance to perform different music with people you may not see in class in a different setting.
    CONTACT...  Please email Mr. Woodworth (jwoodworth@mtsd.us) or stop by A-1134 if you have any questions about this ensemble.
    JOIN THE CHORALIERS REMIND.COM GROUP FOR UPDATES:  text: @mhschorlrs  to  81010.

    WHY JOIN THIS ENSEMBLE?... The group provides the opportunity to build strong bonds with one another while making great music with a bare-minimum of rehearsal time.  Despite this small time commitment, Choraliers members are dedicated, talented and overall great musicians from all corners of MHS who enjoy working with one another to make a great product.  We get to work on tone, balance, harmony, and community-building.  Mr. Woodworth takes great pride in having the privilege to direct the ensemble.  

Last Modified on June 14, 2022