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    About Us...
    MHS Chorale is Montgomery High School's newest music ensemble.  Now in its fourth year, Chorale is a 34-person, treble, curricular, auditioned ensemble open to all treble curricular choir students.  The prerequisite for this ensemble is successful completion of a curricular ensemble the previous year, and an audition and recommendation by the director which is held each March/April for the following academic year. 
    MHS Chorale is an intensive and extremely rewarding vocal group that concentrates on numerous forms of high-level vocal music for the unique and ever-evolving treble voicing; with an emphasis on professionalism and refinement through rigorous demanding rehearsals.  Chorale rehearses during block 3B and is engaged in numerous performances throughout the year. 
    Students interested in this ensemble should speak with the directors for more information.

    Choir Member Information and Documents: 
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