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    "Point System" for Senior Trip

    This point system was put in place so that the students who participated in the most school/class related events would receive the most points.  Once the final monetary amount for the Senior Trip is determined, total points will be added and a monetary value per point will be decided.  The more points a student has earned, the more money they will have taken off the total cost of their Senior Trip. 
     Class Officers  25 points each
     Event Chair  5-to-10 points (depending on the time and effort required for a particular event
     Volunteer  1 point per hour
     1 point per purchase of item(s) donated
     .5 point per lunch period (e.g. selling tickets, selling food)
    $10,000 (Total amount of $ from account to be allotted towards the trip)
    5,000 points (Total amount of points earned by all students in the class)
    $10,000/5,000 points = $2 per point
    50 points (Total points earned by sample individual student)
    50 points * $2 = $100 (Total amount of $ taken off the cost of sample student's Senior Trip)  
Last Modified on December 14, 2016