• PTSA Check Request Form

    PTSA Volunteers and Teachers


    Please complete the linked form above to

    request a check for an approved PTSA expense.

     Please note that the MHS PTSA does not reimburse for tax on your purchases.
    To avoid any tax charges, please request a Tax Exempt Form from the MHS PTSA Treasurer which can then be
    given to a vendor/store so tax will not be charged on your order.  If you do not use this form and get charged for tax, the tax will be subtracted from amount to be reimbursed to you.  Thank you for your attention to this detail.



    When the check request form is completed, please submit to PTSA Treasurer, Jamie Gostkowski


    If you have any questions please contact Jamie Gostkowski: jlgostkowski@gmail.com




Last Modified on November 11, 2020