• My 2011-2012 Reading List
    (Summer 2011 into the School Year)
    I organizie by series, and by genre.
    I usually give
    Author, Title, Year of Publication
    Brief summary & rating
    Genre, Length, Dates I read the book
    (but this year I didn't keep track of dates).
    If you look back at older summer reading lists, you'll see how differently I usually move through books during the summer.  This year, I was working on my Master's papers full time, so I did not have time to read almost anything else.  But I still made time to read a little.  I get sad if I don't.  I'm not really sure which books were when; I just looked around my house to see what I read most recently.
    Read for fun.
    Read challenging new authors. 
    Read in your favorite genre. 
    Read what's too easy, if you don't have the time and energy for more. 
    Read anything. 
    But READ.
    J.K Rowling Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2003)
    J.K Rowling Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2005) 
    J.K Rowling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2007)
              Yes, of course, I had read them before, but I had missed Movie #7, the first half of Deathly Hallows, and I needed to read them again so I could watch #7 and see the final chapter.  J.K Rowling's books are not perfect...but they are immensely smart, and I enjoy them still.
              YA, Fantasy.  Order, 766 pages.  Prince, 672 pages.  Hallows, 784 pages.
       Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7) 
    John Grogan Marley and Me: life and love with the world's worst dog (2005) 
              Grogan gets married, has kids, changes careers, and moves across the country - and Marley is there for all of it.  Unfortunately, Marley causes conflicts almost every day: he does not walk well on a leash, is expelled from obedience class, and destroys the house.  Yet somehow, he is still lovable.
              Grogan's book has been made into a movie, and I was warned that it was a tear-jerker - but when I finally watched it, it wasn't so bad.  OK, yes, the dog dies, and I remembered my dogs who died, and I got a little teary - but Marley dies after a good long life.  What else can we ask for?  After the movie, I wanted to read the true story, and Grogan's book satisfies.  A journalist by trade, Grogan tells his tale smoothly, with no dogged harping on morals.  (Tail-dogged-get it?)         
               Nonfiction, memoir.  291 pages.
    Jim Butcher Side Jobs (2010)
    Jim Butcher Ghost Story (2011)
              Check back on my earlier pages for an introduction to the series.  
              Side Jobs is a series of short stories, set between the events of the other novels.  Now, I want to reread the whole series and read these stories along the way.
              in Ghost Story, Harry, once again, is trying to solve a murder.  Things are more complicated than ever. 
     jobs    ghost  

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