• Welcome to Ms. Muzaurieta's 2013 1984 web page.
    Here are the due dates for the unit.  Click here for a simple calendar to print.  New information could be added, so check back!
    On May 20-21, I introduce the novel.  Your job is to read Part One for May 22-23.

    On May 22-23, we will have some "create a study guide" time so you can make sure you understand the novel's world.  Need the list of topics?  Click here for the Part One Study Guide.  Completing this work to hand in is not required unless you are unprepared for class and have to skip the discussion and read; see me to discuss this.  No new homework for May 24-28; as you know, you should REREAD Part One if you need to.

    On May 24-28, we start talking about governmental abuse of power.  Read these hand-outs before our next class on May 29-30.  Remember, you are also reading Part Two of the novel for that day!
    A summary of thoughts about the dangers of governmental abuse of power, and how people can make a difference:
    A listing of power techniques, their purposes, and connections to the real world of 2013.  We probably did not finish this discussion in class, so make sure you read it here:
    Power Techniques and Purposes 
    A copy of the Part Two Study Guide questions (in case you lost your packet).  You should try to complete these as you read "The Book" with Winston.  Warning: you will need to read this part at least twice.
    On May 29-30, we get ready to enter The Matrix!  Here is the homework reading you should do for May 31-June 3:   
    After class, you may want to refer to this handy document; it explains "The Book."
    To be posted soon!
    A link to the website that reveals Our Enemy's Plans.  Explore by reading the whole site, and explore outward to at least 5 links; some links are dead - keep looking!  Print at least 3 articles that interest you.

    Explore http://home.earthlink.net/~jamiranda/1984a.html by skimming all of “Is it 1984 yet?” Parts 1 & 2 & footnotes.  You can check out the Cybercadre homepage when you have time.

    On May 31-June 3, we actually enter The Matrix, and start to read previous workers' Matrix books.  Here is a copy of the Guide to the Matrix books, in case you lose the one you receive in class.  You should look it over intensely before June 4-5, and decide which topic(s) interest you most.  Remember, you are also reading Part Three of the novel for June 4-5.

    To help you choose a topic for your own research, refer to this guide to their topics:
    Matrix Books Guide 

    On June 4-5, we'll discuss the end of the novel, and we will explore the Matrix world more fully. Here's some important news:
    UPDATED AGAIN on 6/6/2013
    MAJOR CHANGES: I am deleting the THIRD SOURCE requirement - you only need two.  The project value will be altered by 10 points to reflect this change.  Also, the THESIS is now named on the checklist.  I changed the directions to make them more clear.
    In our next class, on June 6-10, we'll work on the Matrix project.  Originally, I told you that you needed to FIND and PRINT your three (now TWO) sources for class on June 6-10.  That is no longer the case.  Read this update:
    UPDATED on 6/5/2013 
    If you aren't sure of your topic yet: You will still need to FIND and PRINT articles for your update on the Matrix project books.  However, you have not honed your topic enough yet to have chosen them.  Therefore, having them in class is not required.  Plan to look at previous students' books and choose a topic in class.  You can also use the computers to find sources.
    If you already chose the topic and found/printed your sources: Make sure you have full citation information; ideally, TYPE and PRINT your Works Cited page now, so you can find out if you need corrections and fix it for June 11-12, when it is actually due.  Plan to actually write and revise drafts of your final product in class.
    In an ideal world: You are welcome to work ahead and get more of this job done, if you feel you are ready to do so.  You are not required to wait and complete the task in class on June 6-10.
    WHAT WE'LL DO IN CLASS June 6 Aday and 10 Bday:
    UPDATED on 6/5/2013 
    You are going to work on the project.  You have a checklist, so you can make sure that you are doing everything you need to do; you will also label all the parts in your own paper, so I can see that your checklist is complete.  I doubt you will get the update done by the end of class, so I expect you to finish it for homework. 
    AFTER SCHOOL HELP ON THURS, JUNE 6 -- I strongly recommend that you attend if you are feeling unsure about the project.  You need to get some help before the weekend.  The project  is due Tues/Wed next week.  Late work will be drastically penalized.
    There will not be an after school extra credit session where we watch and discuss a documentary that is chock full of propaganda.

    Please be advised that all visitors to this page are being monitored and counted, for pure and pleasant research purposes.
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