• Boys BBall vs Somerville - Jan. 31st

    Posted by Keith Glock on 1/31/2012 12:00:00 PM
    Tonight, the Montgomery Cougars square off in the Cougar den, as they take on Somerville on this tuesday night. We are just about ready to go as Montgomery will take on the Pioneers.
    End of First Quarter: Montgomery-12 Somerville-11
     The game starts out with a quick Cougar two by Justin Kovacevich, and then a three pointer by Kevin Johnson, to grab the early 5-0 lead two minutes into the game. Early on, Montgomery has been near flawless as they lead 7-0 about 2 and-a-half minutes into the game. They're not letting the pioneers get into any kind of rhythym, but the Cougars themselves have been knocking on all cylinders themselves. Somerville have started to get into a bit of a flow here as they have scored a couple of buckets, and have forced some turnovers. The Pioneers have settled into a solid rhythm now, as they have been getting to the rim at will and have been converting their free throws. They have brought the game to 9-8, now only trailing by one. Ever since Somerville have made their run, both teams have been trading baskets and the score sits at 12-8 with 2:20 to go in the quarter. The Pioneers hit their first three of the game as well with two minutes to go and now are only down by one. Somerville have been throwing solid defense at the Cougars, and it has flustered the home team as they have commited numerous turnovers, and their overall play has become sloppy.
    Halftime- Montgomery-17 Somerville-24
    Somerville score first on two free throws and have taken their first lead of the game and the score goes to 12-13, in favor of Somerville. The turnovers just keep piling up for the Cougars, as their offense has looked very stagnant, as they cannot find any sort of rhythm. When they do get shots up, they're always contested and quickly put up. The Cougars have broken this offensive dry spell, by working to get an open three for Kovacevich. On que, the Pioneers respond with a three of their own and take back the three point lead, making the score 18-15. Somerville are able to extend their lead to five with a two of their own and make it 20-15. Somerville keep rolling, now leading by seven. The Cougars have looked perplexed, as theyt cannot seem to figure out the Pioneer defense. With 1:30 to go, they trail by seven and have only scored three points. The Cougars have given up far too many offensive rebounds and this is the chief reason they are down. Most of the points Somerville have amassed have come off of the offensive glass. For most of the second quarter, the Cougars have looked utterly lost as they could not find any groove on the offensive end. It also seemed as if the rim had a lid on it for them, as they could not knock down any shots. Granted, they haven't been able to get off many shots because they have been turning the ball over so much on offense. The defense has not been too much better as the Cougars have given up far too many offensive rebounds, allowing Somerville to easily put-in layups for easy buckets.  
    End of third Quarter: Montgomery-37 Somerville-37
    The third quarter starts out with a Pionerr turnover which could smell a run for the Cougars. Justin Kovacevich starts the Cougars off offensivley by knocking down a solid three. Somerville, however, come back back with and easy two, to extend the lead to six. Somerville come back with two more points making the score 28-20 in their favor. A three by Somerville give them and 11 point lead now. At the same time, Montgomery look stagnant again, not being able to get into an offensive rhythm, making it very hard to cut into this Pioneer lead. With five minutes to go, Somerville lead by nine, but the Cougars have made improvements and look more poised to take the game back. After a few hustle points, Montgomery now only trail by seven. Montgomery take a quick timeout with about three minutes to go in the quarter, as they now trail by seven, but are playing much better. 36-29. With two more free throws, the Cougars now only trail by five to Somerville. Montgomery now continue their impressive comeback, now only trailing by two with a minute to go in the third period. 36-34. Montgomery has completly grasped all momentum, as they have taken the lead at 37-36 once again coming off of a Kovacevich three. Montgomery have seized this game as they are now tied going into the final quarter.
    End Of game: Montgomery-54 Somerville-45
    Montgomery re-take the lead one minute into the final quarter, coming off of a Tim Maloney lay-up off of the fastbreak. 39-37 is now the score. The Cougars have turned up their defense, as the Pioneers are scoreless two minutes into the period. Their dry spell continue after missing two free throws that could have tied it up. The lead is now upped to four off of two more points scored by Tim Maloney, which causes the Pionners to call a timeout to talk it over. Score is 41-37 with 5:13 to go. Somerville turn it over again, leading to two more points scored by Maloney increasing the lead now to six. Somerville are still scoreless halfway throught the quarter. They finally come up with two points of their own bringing the lead down to four. With two minutes to go the lead sits at eight as the Cougars lead 47-39. The buckets keep on coming for the Cougars as they score again and lead by 8. Their lead, however, is cut to six by a quick Pioneer bucket. Out of the Somerville timeout the Cougars come up with two more points to bring the lead back up to eight. 51-43 is now the score. Montgomery will take the win here in a close one. The Cougars take this one in comeback style as well, trailing for most of the second and third quarters. The picked up their game on both ends of the court and this is the reason they were able to take this one. At times they looked fairly sloppy and pretty helpless at times, but were able to grab the win by fighting back and taking this one. It was also a great team effort, as multiple players made multiple clutch plays to grab this victory in the Cougar den.  
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  • Boys' BBall - vs Warren Hills

    Posted by Keith Glock on 1/10/2012 6:00:00 PM
    The Cougars host the Warren Hills Blue Streaks who come into today's game with a record of 1-7. The Cougars, come into today's game coming of an impressive win against Immaculata and have a record of 7-1.
    End of first Quarter: Montgomery-11 Warren Hills-12
    Though the Blue Streaks coralled the tip, they were also the first team to amass a turnover. The Cougars strike first as they hit a three as Ayub hits an open three to light up the scoreboard. Montgomery strikes again and also playing good defense who now hold a 5-0 lead three minutes into the game. The Blue streaks get their first points on an inside jumper about 30 seconds later. Montgomery finds Mike Rubayo again for another easy two. Warren Hills is still holding on as they hit an open three to make the score 7-5, in favor of the Cougars. Warren Hills takes the lead now hitting another open three. More back-and-forth action hear as the Blue Streaks get the lead back after losing it and are up 10-9. Montgomery continue their sloppy play, and cannot seem to gain any positive momentum late in the first and are now down 12-9. Cougar coaches are not happy with their team's sloppy play and rushed offensive possesions.
    Halftime: Montgomery-26 Warren Hills-21
    Montgomery hits first, working a nice inbounds pass to Cameron Canty-Rodeny, who hits the easy lay-up. Canty-Rodeny is also able to work his way to the free throw line where he hits 1 of 2, and gives the Cougars a two point lead. The Blue Streaks, will not quit, however, and get the lead back after hitting another three. Montgomery is able to take the lead back on two Justin Kovaceich free throws. Kevin Johnson then comes up with a steal and easy score to increase the lead to three. 18-15. With 3:30 to go, the Cougars lead 20-18. Montgomery cannot seem to get a hold on this Blue Streaks team as every time they look to make a run, the streaks seem to come back and bring the game close. Right before the end of the half, the Cougars are able to breakthrough and bring the lead up to five. Still, it was an unusally sloppy half for the Cougars who could or seem to hold onto the ball or consistently score. The Blue Streaks, played well in the first half and were able to keep this game close and have the chance to pull a big upset in the Cougar Den.
    End Of Third Quarter: Montgomery-40 Warren Hills-26
    The Cougars hit first, with a three-pointer coming from KJ to start the second half. Montgomery strikes again with an and-1, again coming from KJ. The Cougars hit again, this time it's a two from Tim Maloney. Bringing the score to 34-21, in favor of the Cougars. Montgomery is now starting to dominate this game, and now hold a 34-21 lead, starting this half on an 8-0 run. The Blue Streaks finally get a couple of their own to go, as thy quickly amass a 5-0 run to bring them within 10. Warren Hills have been able to stick around, since the 8-0 run by the Cougars and are still hanging around, only down 12 with 30 seconds to go. Montgomery have stepped up their play in the third period and hold a 14 point lead going into the fourth. Mainly, their defense has improved, only allowing the Blue Streaks to score five points. 

    End Of Game: Montgomery-50 Warren Hills-34
    A slow start to the quarter, as through 30 seconds only a free throw has been scored. Shortly after, however, Brandon Solomon is able to break the brief dry spell by knocking down two corner threes, and upping the lead to 19. Montgomery looks to be en-route to victory here, as the Blue Streaks are unable to get into an comfterable rhythm and cannot seem to stop the Cougars' flow either. Offensively, it's been an uphill battle for Warren Hills, as they can't seem to get anything good going. Montgomery, though not playing their best basketball, still maintain a comfterable lead, even as the Blue Streaks continue to cut into it bit by bit. 46-34 with about two minutes to go. Warren Hills had in impressive first half where at times they had the lead at several points. The Cougars, though a bit sloppy are able to grab a solid 16 point win and move to 8-1, as the Blue Streaks are knocked down to 1-8, as another game of Cougar basketball goes in the books.
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  • Boys BBall vs Immaculata

    Posted by Keith Glock on 1/7/2012 12:00:00 PM
    Montgomery Boys Basketball hosts incoming Immaculata today on this Saturday matinee. Montgomery comes in today facing a Spartan team with a record of 5-3. Montgomery comes in 6-1 looking to pick up a victory on this Saturday afternoon.
    End Of First Quarter: Montgomery-9 Immaculata-9
    Instantly, the Cougars begin the game on the atack, going right to the hoop, drawing an early foul. Immaculata scores first on a quick free throw. Montgomery comes right back at them with a three from Ayub. After the Cougars get a few stops they also manage to keep going on this run extending the run to seven straignt points, five of the coming from Ayub. Out of the timeout, the Spartans answer with a three ending the Cougar run at seven. Montgomery's main problem is they are playing a bit sloppily and that is the main component keeping the Cougars from extending their waining lead. They are also sending Immaculata to the line, already commiting six team fouls with a minute left in the first quarter. After the Cougars' 7-0 run, the Spartans come right back with their own 8-2 run.
    Halftime Montgomery-19 Immaculata-21
    On the first possesion of the quarter, the Spartans re-take the lead on a quick two, and then extend the lead to four on another basket in the post, Immaculata getting most of their points down low. Immaculata doing a great job moving the ball, enabling to get them several easy baskets. After stepping up their interior defense, Montgomery is able to tie the game up, also doing a great job of getting the ball inside. As the game continues, both teams continue to struggle on offense, but have been able to compensate with their respective defenses. As the Spartans take a timeout with three minutes to go in the half the Cougars are down by a bucket with a score of 17-15. To end the half, Kevin Johnson is able to drive and pick up two more points to shrink the deficit to two, The Cougars have overall played pretty well defensivley, but have been a bit too agressive, going over the foul limit and sending Immaculata to the line numerous times. The Spartans, as just said, have been scoring mostly at the free throw line but have also played stifiling defense on the perimeter, forcing several Montgomery turnovers. Going into the third quarter this game promisies to end with a very exciting finish and could easily go down to final ticks.
    End Of Third Quarter: Montgomery-39 Immaculata-31
    Within the first seconds of the quarter MIke Rubayo comes out instantly with an easy two in the post. The Spartans come up with a couple buckets over their own, holding the lead at two points. Both teams are now trading baskets and have found their respective shots, leading to the Cougars tying the game up. Immaculata continues their hot shooting and have re-taken the lead of two points. The Cougars tie the game up once again however on two more free throws. The Spartans decide to call a timeout and re-collect themeselves, as they now stand down by three. The Cougars are in the lead with a score of 30-27 with about three minutes to go in the period. Out of th timeout Montgomery picks up five more including a ferocious SLAM by Tim Maloney, also drawing a foul in the process and knocking down the following free throw. Immaculata, however brings us all back to reality by coming back with four straight of their own and decrease the lead to four. Not long after, however, Tim Maloney scores again and has been lighting up the scoreboard. This quarter has been dominated by the Cougars who have an eight point lead and have had their intensity carry them to the lead, the largest by either team throughout the game.
    End Of Game: Montgomery-57 Immaculata-39
    Montgomery has been able to keep up their tremendous defensive intensity going into the final quarter by forcing a Spartan turnover and also extending their lead to nine on a free throw. It's been a mostly defensive oriented fourth quarter as both teams have fallen into another cold strech but have been playing terrific defense. The Cougars have sunk into foul trouble again which could cost them if the Spartans knock down their free throws. With five minutes to go, Montgomery has increased the lead to double digits. Montgomery now hold an 11 point lead and have played stifiling defense, only allowing three Immaculata points halfway through the final quarter. The Cougars continue to absolutley dominate the fourth quarter of this game, now holding a very impressive 17 point lead going into an Immaculata timeout. The Spartans have not been able to get anything going on offense, while the Cougars' offense has been flourishing. More of the same, as the Cougars continue to hold this growing lead, now at 20 with two minutes to go. After a very tight game, the Cougars steam-rolled over the Spartans in the fourth quarter by out-scoring them 18-8. Tim Maloney was the main story here, scoring 15 and leading his team to victory against a talented Spartan team. The Cougars came in today intense and that is what got them the victory, by allowing only 8 fourth quarter points. Their defense was tenacious and it shows by holding the Spartans when they really needed stops. Montgomery improves to 7-1 on the year and the Spartans drop to 5-4 after an exhilirating game at the Cougar den.
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  • Boys' BBall Tips vs Del Val

    Posted by Ian Delaney on 12/20/2011 12:00:00 PM
    Welcome to the 2011-2012 season of Montgomery basketball. Once again, Montgomery senior Ian Delaney will give you the live blow-by-blow of what's going on during Montgomery basketball on Glock's Blogs.

    Tonight, the Cougs tipoff against Delaware Valley at 7 p.m.
    First Quarter:
    Montgomery-5  Del Val-9
    Del Val draws first blood about one minute into the game on a foul-line jumper. The Cougars strike back instantly, working the ball in the paint for a quick two. Jacket is off three minutes into the game, with the Cougars down 4-2. Halfway through the first quarter, Del Val leads 4-3. Tim Maloney picks up his second foul with about 3:30 left in the quarter, and is forced to take a seat. Several turnovers and solid defense have been the themes of this game as well as several missed shots. Montgomery has  been getting a lot of good looks but have not been able to finish. They have forced several turnovers as well, which shows that they have been playing good defense.
    Second Quarter:
    Montgomery-22 Del Val-22
    The quarter opens up with both teams turning the ball over, and a Del Val free throw. Johnson gets the first field goal of the first quarter followed by a solid fastbreak, ending with a Maloney lay-up. The Cougars trail by one with a score of 10-9. Out of the Del Val timeout, Montgomery gives up a field goal, increasing the deficit to three. A sudden flury of scoring leads to the Cougars still being down by one, but finally showing signs of life on offense. 15-14 with 4:06 left. After about another minute, Del Val comes up with two more followed by a Cougar bucket. Montgomery finally takes the lead with a fastbreak, finishing with another Johnson lay-up. Del Val is up by four now after hitting a few well-earned jumpers, coming off of solid offensive execution. The second quarter brought on better offense by the Cougars, but also sacrificed some of the defensive intensity shown by them in the first. While Montgomery was down for most of the half, they managed to fight back and tie the game up with a last-second shot by Maloney in the post to beat the buzzer.  
    Third Quarter: 
    Montgomery-43 Del Val-26
    The Cougars are first to score in the second half, with a Brandon Solomon three. Del Val comes right back with another nice jumper from the corner. The Cougars have not been able to convert on many of their lay-ups which is the main reason they only leas by three five minutes into the third quarter. Both teams have limited the give-aways, but only the Cougars seem to be profiting from this, as they midway through the third quarter lead 32-24. Once again they have been able to ignite their offense at the start of the quarter, enabling them to get the lead. Montgomery continues to knock down shots, and have no stepped up their defense, leading to the Cougars 12 point lead with just under two minutes to play. With about a minute left in the third, the Cougars continue on their run, with them now leading by 14. With Del Val unable to stop the Cougars the entite quarter, they fell to an astounding 21-4 run.
    Fourth Quarter:
    Montgomery-60 Del Val-39
    Montgomery continues their run, opening up with two straight field goals. More of the same here; Del Val has no answers on offense or defense, as the Cougars keep scoring and Del Val continues to have no answer. The Cougars have gotten a but careless with their execution, accumulating a few turnovers a sparking a small Del Val 6-0 run, but it appears superfluous, as the Cougars still hold a 17 point lead halfway through the quarter. Still all the same here, as Montgomery still leads by 17 with two minutes left in the game. Montgomery started the game out fairly slow, but compensated for this by beating out the Terriers 38-17 in the second half. The Cougars did this by limiting their turnovers and hitting their shots in the second half. Their defense was fairly solid throughout, but they did not start hitting their shots until the second half. Del Val was completley powerless in the second half to stop the Cougars' offense, and by contrast could not find their groove themselves. The Cougars take this one in a convincing 21 point victory and move to a record of 2-0.     
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  • Senior Night: Montgomery vs. Warren Hills

    Posted by Keith Glock on 2/3/2011 7:10:00 PM
    The Cougars open up on senior night against the Warren Hills Blue Streaks at the Cougars den.
    End of 1st Quarter Montgomery-11 Blue Streaks-4
    The Cougars open up strong on offense early on leading by three. They started out very sloppy against Warren, knotching many tunovers on the offensive end. With about two minutes left in the quarter, they were able to get it together and put together a comfterable seven point lead by the end of the quarter. 
    Halftime Montgomery-26 Warren Hills-17
    Montgomery opens up the quarter, at last able to find something on offense, by getting a few buckets inside using their height to their advantage. Halfway through the 2nd quarter the Cougars are continuing to use height to dominate on offense, by taking well-placed entry feeds and putting them up over the tall trees, for easy layups. On defense they are using this to grab all of the rebounds. The Cougars have been playing terrific defense to force alot of bad passes using a tight full court press. This has helped them get alot of easy points on the break to build this decent nine point lead. Even with all of the forced turnovers, the Cougars still only lead by nine because when the Blue Streaks are able to break the press, they have been somewhat sucsessful in scoring on the Cougars.  
    3rd Quarter Montgomery- Warren Hills-
    The Cougars open up on the first possesion with a three by Mike Reynolds and two free throws by Collin Geary. The Blue streaks respond back with a two of their own. But this is soon counteracted by an and-1 by John Lott. Montgomery picks up right were they left off, by forcing turnovers to get easy buckets at the other end. The Cougars are now starting crash the offensive glass and getting alot of put backs for more easy buckets. Montgomery has a 23 point lead at the end of the third period because of their tenacity to crash the glass and play better defense, only allowing five points in the third quarter.
    End of game Montgomery-62 Warren Hills-36
    The Cougars continue to dominate the Blue Streaks who hold a 21 point lead and show no signs of letting up. Nothing new as Montgomery keeps driving to the hoop at will and holding a solid lead at 22 with about three minutes to go in the final quarter.  The Cougars were able to use their height to dominate the game on the glass on both ends, which prevented the Blue Streaks from getting any second chance points and it was a huge offensive stimulant for the Cougars, who were able to get alot of second chance points of their own. Warren Hills was never able to beat the Cougars full court pressure which of course disrupted their abilty to get into their offensive flow. The Cougars had this game the whole way and now move to 11-7, getting the easy win on senior night.
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  • Saturday Border War in Montgomery

    Posted by Keith Glock on 1/29/2011 12:00:00 PM
    By Ian Delaney
    Special to Glock's Blogs

    The Montgomery boys' basketball team is set to take on rival Hillsborough. Tip is set for 1 p.m.
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  • Boys' Hoops Looks for Fifth Straight Win

    Posted by Keith Glock on 1/20/2011 6:00:00 PM
    By Ian Delaney
    Special to Glock's Blogs
    The Montgomery boys' basketball team looks for its fifth win in a row as they host the Terriers of Delaware Valley. Montgomery topped Del Val early in the season on the road, and the Terriers come to the Den for a 7 p.m. tipoff looking for the rematch win.
    End of 1st Quarter Montgomery-23 Del Val-6
    One minute into the game, the Cougars are up 4-2 after a quick offensive start for both teams. The Terriers are playing right into the Cougar defense, by giving the ball away due to tight pressure applied by Montgomery. Del Val has had difficulty getting the ball upcourt due to the full court press being used by the Cougars. With a minute left, Montgomery has been dominating already ammasing 21 points and holding Del Val to six poinnts, with 40 seconds left in the first period. A combination of tight defense and fluid offense has formulated into an eatly lead for the Cougars.  
    End of 1st Half Montgomery-37 Del Val-13
    Montgomery draws first blood in the 2nd period, taking a 19 point lead. Nothing has changed in the last two minutes of play with the Cougars keeping up their exceptional defense and are now making a greater effort to get better shots on offense by working the ball around and getting good shots and have a 16 point lead about halfway through the period. Del Val takes a timeout with one minute to go in the 1st half, trying to come up with a strategy to beat this Cougar defense which has given the Terriers fits as they have only put up 13 points. Montgomery has been walking all over Del Val the entire game and doing it with excellent pressure defense, which has forced the Terriers to make ill-advised passes and simply give the ball to the Cougars which has in turn helped fuel this Cougar offense. Another catalyst for the Cougar offense has been their willingness to work for the best shot by passing the ball around and not settling for jump shots.
    End of 3rd Quarter Montgomery-52 Del Val-21
    Two minutes into the quarter very little has happend with one point between both teams being scored and the Cougars still have a commanding lead at 25 points. Halfway through the quarter the Terriers has yet to score and con't do anything about the Cougar offense as they now find themselves down by 30. Same story with Montgomery dismantling Del Val and shutting down anything the Terriers try to do on the offensive end.
    End of game Montgomery-66 Del Val-27
    Two minutes into the final period the Cougars still have a 33 point lead and they continue to hold off the Terriers with ease. Halfway through the final quarter the Terriers haven't been able to find their shot or contain the Montgomery offense. The Cougars were in control from the opening tip and were the winners in this one, taking it by 39. The Cougars full court defense seemed to befuddle the Terriers as they could not even get the ball upcourt let alone compete in this one. Del Val struggled as much on defense as they did on offense not able to hit anything outside of the paint. Montgomery locked down the Terriers and made sure they would be able to get this one. The Cougars put forth another excellent performence on their homecourt to give them another solid win.
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  • N. Plainfield Invades Den for Rematch

    Posted by Keith Glock on 1/18/2011 6:40:00 PM
    By Ian Delaney
    Special to Glock's Blogs
    The Montgomery boys' basketball team hosts North Plainfield tonight in a rematch of the opening night tilt that the Cougars won 58-36. Tipoff was slated for 7 p.m. but is a bit delayed because the freshmen and JV teams for North Plainfield were late in arriving to the Den.
    1st Quarter 3:30 Montgomery-11 North Plainfield-10
    Collin Geary scores the first two points of the game, but right away North Plainfield comes back with two quick buckets of their own. Two and a half minutes into the game, the Canucks own a two possesion lead. The Cougars then rally back and make it a one point game. 
    End of 1st Quarter Montogmery-23 North Plainfield-11
    Out of the timeout Collin Geary knocks down two three's, to make it a seven point Montgomery lead. A 1st quarter 12-2 run propels the Cougars to an 11 point lead as they continue to dominate in transition and harass the Canucks with their defense.
    Halftime Montgomery-44 North Plainfield-23
    The Canucks start to show some fight after the Montgomery run and have cut the lead to eight. The run is short lived however as the Cougars bring the lead back to 17 with their own 9-0 run and have now doubled their opponents point total with the score at 34-17. Montgomery has been in the drivers seat the entire time who haven't shown any sign of letting up halfway through the 2nd quarter. At halftime, Montgomery has a commanding 21 point lead as they have been asertive on both ends: getting what they want on offense by running their offense, making alot of passses to get open looks and knocking them down. On defense they have been forcing alot of turnovers which has lead to some of their sucsess on offense because they get alot of buckets in transition, which are usually easy layups. 
    3rd Quarter Montgomery-50 North Plainfield-28
    The Cougars continue right where they left off in the first half and have a 22 point lead as North Plainfield calls a timeout. Even with the big lead, they continue to play hard and get good shots to keep this solid lead.
    End of 3rd Quarter Montgomery-60 North Plainfield-35
    The Vikings look as if they have a bit of momentum as they have been playing better defense, allowing 16 points in the 3rd quarter which is the lowest amount of points they have let up in a quarter in this game, but still don't have an answer to the stifiling Cougar defense, which has prevented them from getting back in this game.
    4th Quarter Montgomery-71 North Plainfield-44
    Still the same here as Montgomery holds a 29 point lead two minutes into the final quarter. They have been looking to break out in transition and have been sucsessful in doing this and hold a 25 point lead halfway through the final quarter. Montgomery had this game won since about halfway through the first quarter and haven't looked back since, taking this one in blowout fashion. The recipe for sucsess in this one was their tenacity on the defensive end, forcing the Canucks to make bad passes, which turned into easy points for the Cougars in transition. They also worked the ball around on the perimeter to get open three's. Another dominant performance on the homefront results in anothen win at the Cougar den.
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  • P'burg Boys' BBall visits The Den

    Posted by Keith Glock on 1/13/2011 5:00:00 PM
    The Montgomery boys' basketball team is hosting Phillipsburg this evening with tipoff slated for 7 p.m.
    The Cougs look to bounce back after a loss to Immaculata. The live radio broadcast of this game can be found by logging into The MIRE. Listen along as you enjoy Ian Delaney's thoughts on Glock's Blogs!
    1st Quarter 4:10 Montgomery-9 Phillipsburg-5
    Montgomery strikes quickly picking up two buckets within the first minute of the game. The Cougars just looking dominant on defense not only not allowing the Stateliners to score through two minutes, but they haven't gotten off any good shots either. About two and a half minutes in however, Aaron Brown knocks down a three to put P-burg on the board. Montgomery now leads by four about halfway through the quarter.
    End of 1st Quarter Montgomery-14 Phillipsburg-5
    Phillipsburg still has no answer for the Cougars' pressure on defense with Montgomery forcing multiple turnovers. The Cougars close out the quarter onn an 8-0 run, simply owning the Stateliners by getting easy shots and forcing turnovers, which results in a 9 point Cougar lead early on.
    Halftime Montgomery-40 Phillipsburg-19
    The only flaw seems to be the Cougars' poor free throw shooting where they are shooting less then 50%. It seems no to matter what the Stateliners try to do, the Cougars are just longer and much more active and continue to force turnovers, disabling P-burg to even get shots up. The few shots they have gotten up, have been contested and too dificult for the Stateliners to hit. After a long drought, P-burg finnaly gets two free throws to go. The pressure defense contiues to elude the Stateliners, still not able to get anything except for free throws going on offense, comnbined now with Matt Mingon heating up as he drained two consecutive threes bringing the Cougar lead up to 16.  
    End of 3rd Quarter Montgomery-56 Philipsburg-27
    The Stateliners draw first blood but it turns out to be somewhat superfluous as the Cougars come back with an easy two on the next possesion. Again right after look as if they could start a run to get back in it, Montgomery comes back with an and-1 on the very next possesion. Now it's both teams tradinng baskets here, but the Stateliners will need to do more then that to claw their way back into this one. More of the same continuing to dominate on both ends and keeps negating every basket P-burg scores. The Cougars continue to be hot from the outside and are getting large perimeter contributions from senior captains Ryan McCoy and Matt Mingon. At the end of the third quarter, there is nothing the Stateliners can do as they find themselves down big and can't find an answer to the Cougar's air tight defense or their hot perimeter shooting.
    End of game Montgomery-71 Phillipsburg-39
    More of the same in the final period with the Cougars controlling this game with ease. Montgomery getting points effortlessly here and keep on crushing any ounce of life this Stateliner team may try to use to make this a contest. Montgomery had this one in the bag from the tip and never let up on this team by crashing the boards with gusto on both ends of the court. Their senior captains: Matt Mingon and Ryan McCoy, Chipped in from the perimeter. The Cougars only allowed 39 points in the ball game and were able use their height to their advantage on both ends. They were clicking on all cylinders tonight by getting stops on defense and working for good shots on offesne to easily take this one. Hopefully the Cougars can continue keep this momentum going into saturday after a convincing victory against the Stateliners here tonight.
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  • Boys Hoops Hosts Somerville

    Posted by Keith Glock on 1/6/2011 5:00:00 PM
    The Montgomery boys' basketball team is set to host Somerville tonight at 7 p.m. in a Skyland Conference matchup.
    1st Quarter 2:14 Montgomery-11 Somerville-7
    A turnover is commited by each team to start out this one. The Cougars draw first blood, with an entry pass to John Lott for an easy layup. Somerville is quick to respond with their own two. After two free throws, the Cougars come right back with a three to give them a one point lead. After getting a stop on defense, Matt Mingon buries a three in transition. About halfway through the first period, 6'6 Sophomore Mike Rubayo gets into the game for the first time this season. Both teams have been trading baskets for most of the game, Montgomery ties there biggest lead at four after an and-one by Ryan McCoy.
    End of 1st Quarter Montgomery-19 Somerville-7
    After a three out of the Tiger timeout, Matt Mingon knocks down a quick three to give Montgomery a seven point lead. Continuing their 8-0  run, John Lott drains the corner jumper to increase the lead to 9. Again continuing the run Matt Mingon drains another three to make it a 12 point lead. After trading baskets for the first part of the quarter, the Cougars got on an 11-0 run to end the quarter.
    2nd Quarter 4:12 Montgomery-25 Somerville-9
    Montogmery opens up the quarter with another three by Collin Geary bringing the lead up to 15. Somerville finnaly breaks the slump with two free throws. The run is now brought up to 18-2 after another Geary three. The Montgomery onslaught continues as the Tigers call another timeout to try to stop this Cougar run.
    End of 1st Half Montgomery-41 Somerville-18
    Alot of turnovers commited by both teams with Montgomery possibly a bit too relaxed, and the Tigers trying to do anything they can to stop this run. The Tigers finnaly get two straight field goals but this run is short lived after another drained three by Matt Mingon. Mike Reynolds drains yet another three this time at the buzzer to end the first half even though it was superfluous because the Cougars had a 20 point lead but it's still nice to hit a buzzer beater as the Cougars notch their biggest lead of the game at 23, going into the locker room. This hasn't been just about the Cougars new friend the three pointer knocking down countless three's. Montgomery has played tenacious defense giving up less then 20 points.
    3rd Quarter 3:43 Montgomery-48 Somerville-25   
    The Cougars continue their steller defense with another commited turnover by the Tigers and Matt Mingon came back once again to hit another three notching his point total to 24. Even up by more then 20 Coach Grundy is wiping his persperated face because of the six early fouls commited and the few blunders commited by the Cougar defense.   
    End of 3rd Quarter Montgomery-57 Somerville-30
    Even with the Cougars huge lead, they still continue to go all out going on a small run and now lead by 24 one minute to go. The Cougars cannot be stopped as they now retain a 27 point lead going into the final period.
    End of game Montgomery-65 Somerville-37
    Nothing new one minute into the period as the Cougars continue their dominance still leading by 27. The Montgomery fans hit a new level of excitment after fan favorite Brian Solomon knocks down another three to bring the Cougar lead to 30. Still no life shown by Somerville as Montgomery continues to keep hold of a solid 30 point lead with great shooting and agressive defense. Montgomery dominated the game throughout this one and they walk away with the easy win tonight. The main story here is Matt Mingon with seven three pointers in the first half and tacking on another one in the second half. Another nice story is Mike Rubayo scoring five points in his Varsity debut with the Cougars. Montgomery shakes off a three game losing streak and are now back on track and will look to carry this momentum after an impressive and big victory.
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