Boys' BBall - vs Warren Hills

Posted by Keith Glock on 1/10/2012 6:00:00 PM

The Cougars host the Warren Hills Blue Streaks who come into today's game with a record of 1-7. The Cougars, come into today's game coming of an impressive win against Immaculata and have a record of 7-1.
End of first Quarter: Montgomery-11 Warren Hills-12
Though the Blue Streaks coralled the tip, they were also the first team to amass a turnover. The Cougars strike first as they hit a three as Ayub hits an open three to light up the scoreboard. Montgomery strikes again and also playing good defense who now hold a 5-0 lead three minutes into the game. The Blue streaks get their first points on an inside jumper about 30 seconds later. Montgomery finds Mike Rubayo again for another easy two. Warren Hills is still holding on as they hit an open three to make the score 7-5, in favor of the Cougars. Warren Hills takes the lead now hitting another open three. More back-and-forth action hear as the Blue Streaks get the lead back after losing it and are up 10-9. Montgomery continue their sloppy play, and cannot seem to gain any positive momentum late in the first and are now down 12-9. Cougar coaches are not happy with their team's sloppy play and rushed offensive possesions.
Halftime: Montgomery-26 Warren Hills-21
Montgomery hits first, working a nice inbounds pass to Cameron Canty-Rodeny, who hits the easy lay-up. Canty-Rodeny is also able to work his way to the free throw line where he hits 1 of 2, and gives the Cougars a two point lead. The Blue Streaks, will not quit, however, and get the lead back after hitting another three. Montgomery is able to take the lead back on two Justin Kovaceich free throws. Kevin Johnson then comes up with a steal and easy score to increase the lead to three. 18-15. With 3:30 to go, the Cougars lead 20-18. Montgomery cannot seem to get a hold on this Blue Streaks team as every time they look to make a run, the streaks seem to come back and bring the game close. Right before the end of the half, the Cougars are able to breakthrough and bring the lead up to five. Still, it was an unusally sloppy half for the Cougars who could or seem to hold onto the ball or consistently score. The Blue Streaks, played well in the first half and were able to keep this game close and have the chance to pull a big upset in the Cougar Den.
End Of Third Quarter: Montgomery-40 Warren Hills-26
The Cougars hit first, with a three-pointer coming from KJ to start the second half. Montgomery strikes again with an and-1, again coming from KJ. The Cougars hit again, this time it's a two from Tim Maloney. Bringing the score to 34-21, in favor of the Cougars. Montgomery is now starting to dominate this game, and now hold a 34-21 lead, starting this half on an 8-0 run. The Blue Streaks finally get a couple of their own to go, as thy quickly amass a 5-0 run to bring them within 10. Warren Hills have been able to stick around, since the 8-0 run by the Cougars and are still hanging around, only down 12 with 30 seconds to go. Montgomery have stepped up their play in the third period and hold a 14 point lead going into the fourth. Mainly, their defense has improved, only allowing the Blue Streaks to score five points. 

End Of Game: Montgomery-50 Warren Hills-34
A slow start to the quarter, as through 30 seconds only a free throw has been scored. Shortly after, however, Brandon Solomon is able to break the brief dry spell by knocking down two corner threes, and upping the lead to 19. Montgomery looks to be en-route to victory here, as the Blue Streaks are unable to get into an comfterable rhythm and cannot seem to stop the Cougars' flow either. Offensively, it's been an uphill battle for Warren Hills, as they can't seem to get anything good going. Montgomery, though not playing their best basketball, still maintain a comfterable lead, even as the Blue Streaks continue to cut into it bit by bit. 46-34 with about two minutes to go. Warren Hills had in impressive first half where at times they had the lead at several points. The Cougars, though a bit sloppy are able to grab a solid 16 point win and move to 8-1, as the Blue Streaks are knocked down to 1-8, as another game of Cougar basketball goes in the books.