N. Plainfield Invades Den for Rematch

Posted by Keith Glock on 1/18/2011 6:40:00 PM

By Ian Delaney
Special to Glock's Blogs
The Montgomery boys' basketball team hosts North Plainfield tonight in a rematch of the opening night tilt that the Cougars won 58-36. Tipoff was slated for 7 p.m. but is a bit delayed because the freshmen and JV teams for North Plainfield were late in arriving to the Den.
1st Quarter 3:30 Montgomery-11 North Plainfield-10
Collin Geary scores the first two points of the game, but right away North Plainfield comes back with two quick buckets of their own. Two and a half minutes into the game, the Canucks own a two possesion lead. The Cougars then rally back and make it a one point game. 
End of 1st Quarter Montogmery-23 North Plainfield-11
Out of the timeout Collin Geary knocks down two three's, to make it a seven point Montgomery lead. A 1st quarter 12-2 run propels the Cougars to an 11 point lead as they continue to dominate in transition and harass the Canucks with their defense.
Halftime Montgomery-44 North Plainfield-23
The Canucks start to show some fight after the Montgomery run and have cut the lead to eight. The run is short lived however as the Cougars bring the lead back to 17 with their own 9-0 run and have now doubled their opponents point total with the score at 34-17. Montgomery has been in the drivers seat the entire time who haven't shown any sign of letting up halfway through the 2nd quarter. At halftime, Montgomery has a commanding 21 point lead as they have been asertive on both ends: getting what they want on offense by running their offense, making alot of passses to get open looks and knocking them down. On defense they have been forcing alot of turnovers which has lead to some of their sucsess on offense because they get alot of buckets in transition, which are usually easy layups. 
3rd Quarter Montgomery-50 North Plainfield-28
The Cougars continue right where they left off in the first half and have a 22 point lead as North Plainfield calls a timeout. Even with the big lead, they continue to play hard and get good shots to keep this solid lead.
End of 3rd Quarter Montgomery-60 North Plainfield-35
The Vikings look as if they have a bit of momentum as they have been playing better defense, allowing 16 points in the 3rd quarter which is the lowest amount of points they have let up in a quarter in this game, but still don't have an answer to the stifiling Cougar defense, which has prevented them from getting back in this game.
4th Quarter Montgomery-71 North Plainfield-44
Still the same here as Montgomery holds a 29 point lead two minutes into the final quarter. They have been looking to break out in transition and have been sucsessful in doing this and hold a 25 point lead halfway through the final quarter. Montgomery had this game won since about halfway through the first quarter and haven't looked back since, taking this one in blowout fashion. The recipe for sucsess in this one was their tenacity on the defensive end, forcing the Canucks to make bad passes, which turned into easy points for the Cougars in transition. They also worked the ball around on the perimeter to get open three's. Another dominant performance on the homefront results in anothen win at the Cougar den.