• Behavioral Expectations for 2019-2020

    Our goal is for each student to look forward to coming to school each day and to flourish in a rich and caring environment.  A student who can cooperate with fellow students and the teachers will have a successful year in school. Classroom rules and procedures are established to ensure that all students can learn in a safe environment. Students are expected to:

    •        Be Respectful: Every student has the right to a safe classroom.  Be respectful of yourself, your environment, your fellow classmates, and your teachers. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    •        Be Responsible: Use common sense and make good decisions. Take responsibility for your learning. Be prepared with what you need. Recognize your role in creating a fun and productive community of learners.
    •        Be Safe: Think about where you are and whom you are with. We must make sure to not harm or injure another. Teachers will not tolerate, nor should you, any behavior that takes away from the safety of this classroom or school.
    •        Be Cooperative: You may be asked to do something that you may not like or think is fun. Be mature and work through it. Our world demands that you follow directions and work well with others. Think and choose wisely.
    •        Be A Worker: Do your job! Challenge yourself to be productive. You are here and we expect you to use your time wisely.
    •        Be Peaceful: Listen and follow the school and classroom rules. Use a calm and quiet voice.  Be kind to yourself and others.


    Grading and Organization

    • A  point system will be used for grading, points vary according to length and difficulty:
    1.   Class Participation -  active involvement in all activities, raising your hand, taking notes, paying attention, asking questions, volunteering answers, appropriate classroom behavior (40%)
    2.   Assignments - homework, projects, labs, worksheets, assessments, readings, and reflections (60%)
    • All assignments will be posted on the board in the classroom.  Some teachers may post on Faculty Webpages or Google Classroom.  It is your responsibility to check and make note of each assignment.

    If you know in advance that you will not be able to complete an assignment on time, speak with your teacher. If you do not speak with us in advance:  Projects/Long Term Assignments – 5 points deducted for each day that assignment is late; Homework – ½ credit.

    • If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed. The school’s homework policy applies. You have two days for one day absent to make up work. Every additional day absent is an extra day to make up the work.
    • In the classroom there is a place for your work, and supplies such as markers, tape, and paper.  This classroom is your classroom for the year. Keep it nice! If the materials disappear, they may not be replaced.
    • You will be told when an assignment must be typed.  Otherwise, you can choose to type or hand-write work.  Always use spell/grammar check software, Franklin Spellers, etc. to assist with revising and editing.
    • You are to be seated in your assigned seat when the bell rings.
    1.    If Homework is posted on the board, copy the assignment into your agenda (or take a picture of it with your phone).
    2.    If a Do Now is posted on the board, begin your work as independently as possible.
    3.    During class discussions, you must either raise your hand or wait for a pause in the conversation to have your turn to speak.   Listen to and respect your classmates’ opinions and voices.
    4.    At the end of class, a bell will ring. You are to wait for the teacher to dismiss you.
    • All school rules are enforced:
    1.    students are not to leave the classroom without notifying teacher and/or signing log book
    2.    there is no eating in class; however exceptions are made for class activities and for medical reasons
    3.   cell phones are turned off and put away while in class
    4.    use of other personal technology, computers/printers must be cleared by teacher
    • In the absence of a formal behavior plan, the following consequences will be assigned for inappropriate behaviors:

    1st occurrence - verbal warning

    2nd occurrence - teacher assigned lunch detentions (eat lunch in the Skybox, parents notified); while in lunch detention student will write a letter to parents and teacher describing what happened, their choices/behavior, and how they might choose differently next time

    3rd  occurrence - referral to Assistant Principal and Child Study Team case manager (parents notified)