The Alliance

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    The Alliance
    We support all of our students,
    especially about issues of gender and sexual orientation.


    Our goal is to provide a safe space
    for our LGBTQ+ students and allies
    and to work within our community
    to develop a school setting
    that is aware, inclusive and tolerant.
    We also aim to have a positive impact
    on a range of related topics and issues
    at a local, national, and global level.
    The Alliance meets every week and offers
    a safe space for students to discuss issues
    of sexual orientation and gender identity.
    We also train students and staff to be effective allies
    of the LGBT community, and participate
    in some events that are just fun.
    Everyone is welcome.
     If you agree with us
    that every person deserves to live every day
    free from schoolyard teasing and bullying, 
    and free, too, from threats and violence,
    please join us for meetings.
    In our ongoing HOW TO BE AN ALLY Training,
    we'll help you prepare to deal with a variety of situations.
    Most importantly,  
    know that you are not alone.
    You can join us for a meeting any time you like.
    No activities fee is required.
    Supporting one another is a vital part
    of creating the world we want.
    After all...
      In the end, we will remember  
      not the words of our enemies, 
      but the silence of our friends. 
    ~ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Instead, each of us can...
     Be the change 
     that you wish to see 
     in the world. 
    ~ Mahatma Ghandi