• US History II
    Mr. Mark Priebracha - mpriebracha@mtsd.us
     All Students may find their assignments and class material on the google classroom
    Tutorial - Tuesdays 2:15-3:30 
    A Day - Block 4 Room C2209
       US History II covers a very exciting period in American History from 1920 to the present.  We will cover but are not limited to the following topics; The Roaring 20's, the Great Depression, World War II, the Cold War, the Korean Conflict, the Space Race, the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, Watergate, and Conflict in the Middle East.  It is my hope that every day my students will use the information which is presented in class and create meaningful links to preceding events as well as links to the present because history does not occur in a vacuum. All assignments and homework will be posted to the Google classroom
    Tuesdays 2:15-3:30