Montgomery High School Visual Arts Department

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    Montgomery High School offers a comprehensive visual arts program that has strong foundations in multiple disciplines.  Course offerings range from very traditional art making forms to unique creative media manipulation to the most modern digital based applications being used by current industry.  
    Our visual lives help define how we interpret and make meaning of the world we live in.  It is a goal of our art faculty to ensure that students develop a deep understanding of the visual world they live in and are able to contribute to it in a way that communicates their individuality and personal ideas of how the world works. Student development of self identity and self awareness through the exploration of their artistic meanings and visual communications is a constant theme throughout the courses.
    Courses vary in difficulty from introductory, to exploratory, to honors, to Advanced Placement.   Students may select from our studio based courses, photography sequence, or our digital arts program.  The courses are listed below.  For more information, please see the Montgomery High School Program of Studies.
    Lead Teacher Lead Teacher's Email Course
    Ms. Deirdre McGrail creative expressions
        studio arts 1
        studio arts 2
        honors portfolio
        AP studio arts
        digitial design
    Ms. Tina Boyer ceramics 1
        ceramics 2
        advanced ceramics
    Ms. Heather Palecek photography 1
        photography 2
        advanced photography
        AP photography