MHS Semester Grading

  • For the 2018-2019 school year, Montgomery High School will change our grade reporting procedures from a four marking period system to "semester grading" (two marking periods).  Student report cards will be posted at the end of the first semester (at the midpoint of the year in late January) and at the end of the second semester (at the end of the year in June).


    Semester Grading FAQ's

    • What is semester grading?

    Semester grading posts a student grade at the end of each semester, twice per year (January and June) rather than at the end of each marking period, four times per year (November, January, April, and June).

    • Who does semester grading benefit?

    It benefits students by reducing unnecessary end-of-marking period stress; it benefits teachers by reducing stress and providing more flexibility with the planning and implementation of units; and it benefits both students and teachers by allowing for more flexibility with types of instruction and assessments.

    • What impact does this have on the weighting of my child’s grade?

    The weighting of students' grades remains consistent with what we currently have in place. Right now, each of the four marking periods is worth 22% of the final grade, with the final exam being worth 12%. With semester grading, each semester is worth 44% of the final grade, with the final exam remaining worth 12%.

    • How will this impact college requests for transcripts?

    We will continue to send out midyear reports, just as we currently do. For the colleges that require a fall transcript, guidance will send the grade as of the specific date requested in the fall.

    • Why semester grading rather than a running record for the full year?

    Semester grading aligns with what students will experience in college and also aligns nicely with the semester courses currently offered here at MHS.

    • Will semester grading impact eligibility for athletics?

    No. The NJSIAA requirements align to semesters. Our current procedures do not need to be changed.

    • Are the majority of my child’s grades going to be posted in the last week of each semester?

    No. Supervisors will be monitoring teachers’ gradebooks and providing monthly reports to the principal. This will ensure that assignments are graded in a timely manner and spaced out appropriately throughout the semester. If you have a concern during the year, you can always reach out to the teacher or the department supervisor.

    • Does this impact I.E.P. progress reports?

    No. I.E.P. progress reporting will continue on a quarterly basis.

    • Will semester grading provide an opportunity for student projects to occur at different times during the semester?

    Yes. This structure will provide an opportunity to better stagger long-term assignments throughout the year, not just at the end of the marking period.

Last Modified on October 26, 2021