Theater Arts

  • Do you like to act, sing and/or dance? Come try out for the school plays. MHS produces a fall drama or comedy for those interested in only acting. For those who want to act/sing/dance MHS produces a fullscale Spring musical. Auditions for the fall play are in September and auditions for the Spring musical are in November.

    Everyone is welcome to participate. Give it a try. Once selected for a role, members are given a rehearsal schedule and are required to attend all of the rehearsals specific to their roles. Leading roles are a major time commitment.
    Rehearsals are generally Monday-Thursday after school for two months prior to the performance, plus occasional Friday and Saturday rehearsals close to the performance date. Students are required to attend the entire “tech week” before the opening night performance when all of the show-elements are brought together (actors, singers, costumes, makeup, orchestra, scenery, lighting and sound).