• Below are a few good resources to look at AFTER we have begun exploring an idea. Our classroom is fundamentally built upon the idea that YOU as the student are exploring and making sense of the world around you, the classroom is simply a space to do that and equip you with some tools to do so more effectively along the way.


    1) http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/index.html

    The above site should be used ONLY as a way to see HOW topics are connected with each other. Hyper Physics does a great job showing where different ideas come from and how they are related to “larger root ideas”. This site IS NOT fully encompassing and should not be taken as such, but it does provide a good small scale comparison for ideas.


    2) http://www.islephysics.net/pt3/

    The above site is a link to different kinds of videos that encompass different topics that we will explore as well as those that we will not. If you look closely these videos are NOT explanations of phenomena, but rather they are experiment videos meant to continue your progression of thought either from class, a discussion or from pivot interactives that we will be utilizing during the school year.