• Current Event Assignment Directions
    1.  Find an article that deals with the topic we are discussing.  It can deal with the topic indirectly as long as you can explain the connection.  The article may come from a magazine, newspaper, the internet, or another source you deem usable. 
    2.  Read the article.
    3.  Answer the following questions about the article:
          a.  Give a brief description of the issue and describe how it relates to the topic we are discussing in class.
          b.  What are the scientific, economic, and political implications associated with this article?
          c.  Identify the species and/or groups of people impacted by the issue.  Describe how each is or potentially will be affected by the                  decisions made.
          d.  Make a personal stand on the issue.  What is your take?  How should the issue by addressed or resolved?  Why?  Provide support,            reasons, etc. for your stand.  The support you provide is as important as your opinion.   
    4.  Include a citation of the article that you used in MLA format, including the author, title, source, date, etc., or whatever information is available from the article that you used.  If it was an article that you found online, include the link to the article here. 
    5.  Turn in the article (or link in MLA format) as well as the written work by the due date.  If you use an article found on the web, you may copy the link to your written work in appropriate format.  Please use double sided printing, narrow margins, and single spaces.  This will help reduce the amount of paper you may need to use.