ThinSat / CubeSat Club

    The MHS ThinSat and CubeSat club runs in partnership with the Mechanical and Aerospace engineering department at Princeton University to provide opportunities for students to experience real world engineering workflow from development, build, coding and finally a real world launch of pico-satellites that they have built going into ELEO or Extreme Low Earth Orbit! This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity as many students even at large universities in grad school do not get the chance to launch something that they have touched with their own hands into space.
    Previously, the club had launching oppurtunities through the Mid-Atlantic Spaceport on the Antares Orbital ATK launch missions which go to the ISS or International Space Station and we hitch a ride attached to the Cygnus payload as a secondary payload. For the years of 2021-2024, we will be launching through BluSHift, a new aerospace company that will be launching from Maine and opening a new Northeast Spaceport servicing polar orbits in particular!
    The great part about this club also besides getting a chance to have something YOU created go into space, is that it is made for people who participate in other clubs, after school curricular activities and especially all student athletes who have limited time after school to begin with. If you are interested in pursuing any kind of engineering or just enjoy tinkering around, come check out our club google classroom or send an email to get started! The google classroom code is below as well as our club website.
    Join Code: jy5xzfj
    Club meeting times: Thursdays 2:30-3:30pm