• Is Lit Mag for you? 

    Are you creative?

    Ever scribbled down random words on a napkin,

    and didn't know what to do with them?

    Do you write stories or poetry in your spare time

    but are too afraid to show anyone?

    Are you really good at helping people improve their writing

    even if you don't write for fun yourself?

    Do you need a place to share your artwork?

    Then the MHS Literary Magazine is just for you!

    Our staff is always looking for new faces

    who want to share their creative edge with others.


    When magazine production begins, we'll need your help:

    * people who love to read will grade submissions

    * technologically adept people will help with layout

    * perfectionists will check every line for errors

    * energetic people will keep everyone motivated

    If you're friendly and enthusiastic,

    we'd love to see you next Tuesday!



Last Modified on September 26, 2018