• Want some practice over the summer? Click here! This is a great resource to brush up on your Pre-Algebra Skills.
    Prior to the first day of school please do the following:
    1) Follow the instruction in this document and create a classzone.com account (Online textbook).  
    2) Join Google Classroom using CORRECT code for you period: 
       A1  Algebra 1 Code: jfxs50
       A2  Algebra 1 Code: 8om8ga5
       B1  Algebra 1 Code:  kd0rvv
    3) Graphing Calculator such as TI-83, or TI-84 is highly recommended. Feel free to get a used one! We will be using it often and if you have your own calculator, you will be much more comfortable in using one.
    4) Please get a binder. We will be using many handouts and a 3 ring binder will be the best way to keep everything organized ! 
Last Modified on August 27, 2022