• Here is a list of videos that I have created that teach factoring:
    I use two methods Method 1: Using an Area Model and Method 2: Without an Area Model (Typical Method that is taught by most teachers). You can use ANY method you like, as long as you can factor. 
    Video 1: Multiplying Polynomials                            
    Video 2: Factoring Out GCF Using and Area Model  
    Video 3: Factoring 4 terms Using an Area Model          
    Video 4: Factoring Trinomials with LC = 1 using an Area Model
    Video 5: Factoring Trinomials with LC not 1 using          
    Video 6: Factoring Perfect Square Trinomials using an Area Model
    Video 7: Factoring a Difference of Two Perfect Squares    
    Video 8: Factoring Sum and Difference of Cubes
Last Modified on February 8, 2023