We know this page is woefully out of date.
    After reaching out to staff
    to invite them to join the list, we'll update.
    ~ August 2021
    Many Montgomery High School Staff want to publicly say,
    "I am an ally of LGBTQ+ people."
    Every person listed on this page asked to be included.
    Paul Popadiuk, Principal
    Corie Gaylord, Vice Principal 

    Department Supervisors:
    Karen Stalowski, English 
    Jason Sullivan, Science
    Adam Warshafsky, Visual and Performing Arts
    Adam Wright, Social Studies

    Support Staff:
    Lori Matthews, Secretary to Principal
    Deirdre McGrail
    Heather Palecek

    Business Ed./Technology:
    Karen Cohen

    Child Study Team:
    Stacey Delbridge
    Lisa Olasz
    Jacqueline Raftery
    Sara Anderson
    Joan Cleary
    Christine D'Amore
    Shelley Fallon
    Melissa Fattorusso
    Valerie Kriger
    JL Marshall
    Sarah Matthews
    Jamie Meeker  
    Dianna Muzaurieta 
    Kelly Apel 
    Keith Glock
    Christine Grossman
    Carla Hampton
    Pat Musial
    Heather Pino
    Jessica Ritson
    Hillary Klimowicz, intern
    Lisa Guerreiro, intern
    Health & Physical Education:
    Laurie Hunter
    Cristina Venetucci
    Kristin DiPietro
    Daniel Fishman
    Dana Newbury
    Frances Ross
    Stacey Wang
    Media Center:
    June Beckford-Smith
    Donna Wyckoff

    Robert Violette
    Pam Gizzi
    Kathleen Logothetis
    Craig Buszka
    Lisa Chedid
    David English
    Jane Heebner
    Hallie Kleinfeld
    Florence McAuliffe
    Christopher Resch
    Donghong Sun
    Social Studies:
    Jonathan England
    James Griffin
    Gale Murphy
    Colleen Shanahan
    Paul Stemmler
    Special Education:
    Hope Boczon
    Michele Caltiere
    Peggy Cummings
    Fred Godett
    Amy Mintz
    Kristina Shebchuk

    Teacher Instructional Assistants:
    Stephanie Murray
    Kris Rydzaj

    Visual & Performing Arts:
    Tara Handschin
    Deirdre McGrail
    Heather Palecek
    Dara Zimmer

    World Languages:
    Susanne Asral
    Brian Beyer
    Ingrid Cousin
    Eduardo Fernandez

    Dining Services:
    Pat Kurczewski, Director
    Michele Armstrong, Assistant Director
    John Armstrong
    Julie Butler
    Olga Chmutova
    Sylvia Jones
    Tia Kelly
    Toni LaStella
    Dolores Phillips
    Donna Rechter
    Michael Thomas